Friday, November 16, 2018

A Little Christmas and A Little Miss

Hi my Stitchy friends, thank you for all your comments. I'm glad you all like my Christmas stitching.

This week I started holiday Quaker by Lila's studio. 
I wish I hadn't started it. I say that because as soon as I did I felt guilty because I haven't finished the Halloween Quaker yet and I guess in my mind I need to finish the first one before I can work on the next. So it's only a very small start .

It will look like this

And my small start. 
Fabric is 16ct Aida Mirage. I had got the called for fabric and it was too light for my liking.

As I wanted to stitch Christmas I picked another new start and I got it finished too.

Kringle's Crow by Threadwork Primitives. I did it on 18ct or 16ct Aida called wren. Lost the tag.

Here is what the picture is

And my finish. I have seen this made into a Halloween one to but I think I will just keep it this way.

Next i have plans to stitch the songbird's garden series by cottage garden samplings.
I just got the weeks threads for the first one forever and ever and waiting on my gray fabric in the mail. Maybe it will come next week. 

I want one of my project bags to keep all 12 in and the thread as I buy it. I could buy a new bag and have looked but I thought if I finish a wip that would save me money right. I would love to get another 3 bags but right now that's not going to happen. The other 2 I would use for 2 new heaven and earth I want to stitch soon, maybe next year. Never know maybe Santa is listening ha ha.

Anyway so I looked at my Wips in the project bags to see what I feel like stitching and started working on Miss Black Swallowtail by Nora Corbett. I can't put her down. 

Here she was before 

And now

The wings feel like they are taking forever to stitch but how cool are they. When I put in the kreinik and beads the wings are going to be so pretty. 

That's my stitchy week my friends. I think I will keep going on swallowtail for now. 
See what next week holds. Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

A Finish And A Wip

Hi stitchers, how was your week?

I have another finish to show you. It's a gift for a family friend. 

Christmas Cardinal by Stoney Creek
Fabric 16ct Aida Navy with all called for dmc and treasures.

Here is the chart photo

And my finish 

Next I let the wheel pick. It did number 2 which is Lilly of the woods by Mirabilia 

Here is before 

And now. I was working my way up then I will stitch down.

Not sure what I'm going to stitch on next. This time I'm going to pick something myself.
See what I feel like.
Untill next time happy stitching!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Another Finish....What?

Hi stitchers, I didn't think I would be back so fast or soon, but I finished a chart last night so it only took me a afternoon to stitch. 

What can I maybe Kay you are right and I can stitch fast.
Thank you for everyone's comments on yesterday's post.

My finish is A Little Christmas by Lizzie Kate 
Fabric 16ct Aida Wren.
Change was the stars at the top. I tried doing them on the Aida but it didn't look right so I used mill hill beads 00553 from my stash and think it looks good.
Stitched with dmc
Kay you will also be getting this one, it comes with fabric I didn't use and the beads but you will need a tiny heart charm or just leave it out cos I used it. 

Here's the picture 

And my finish

Now as I was stitching a little Christmas, epic storybook princesses popped into my head. I was thinking I could see Snow White on this fabric. I don't like what I'm using for it, it's a lot of fabric to work around and I was never sold on ivory. Stitching on wren got me thinking I can do them as singles on their own fabric colours. Now I want to stitch it again. I can also do away with that border. I'm hoping I can use the same piece of fabric, I will have to count. 

I'm also not saying I will be stitching the princesses this week. I still have my other Christmas stitch to do but we will see what happens.

Today I also have to pick a wip for my number 7 project bag, as it's a mermaid bag and I finished Sirena. I'm thinking the seahorse one. Well that was easy lol.

Until next time happy stitching!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Mermaid Finish

Hi stitchers, how was your stitching week, around the ghosts, witches and little monsters?

After my last finish/post, I went on my tiny decisions app and made a new wheel. 
I have one for all my Wips, new start and mill hill ( on 1 wheel).
My new wheel I put the numbers 1 to 14, which is my project bags and added new start, Wips wheel.

I did my new wheel and it picked number 7. 

Sirena by Lila's Studio. This morning I finished her. Yay happy dance!!!!

Here is before

And finished

Changes I made are the skin I used dmc 754 and 948, I gave her a blue eye which you can't tell really and I used 00374 beads as I didn't have the called for. 
The rest is as charted with weeks, dmc, and kreinik.

I can see her as a little bag but I'm not that kind of stitcher and have no one around me to ask. 
Oh well one day maybe.

Halloween pass the stash

Only 3 of you wanted spirits and spell by with thy needle and thread.

I put your names in a wheel ( love this app right now)

And the winner is....... Kay congrats.

Now I've just looked and can't find the paper I had your address on so sorry but can you send me your address with country to thank you.

I will post it next week sometime. 

Next for my stitching I'm going to do 2 new Christmas starts and hope to get them finished as they are small. We will see how it goes. 

Until next week happy stitching everyone!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Last Halloween Post For A While

Hi stitchers, thank you for all your comments.

You should really try the mill hill kits. If your not sure on the paper you can use plastic or even fabric. They will look great on anything and it's all full cross no half stitch.

For everyone that celebrates Halloween, I hope it's a great one with lots of candy, and stitchin.

I have a finish.

Spirits & Spells by With thy needle and thread.
I did all dmc and they are 152,318,420,731,733,844,921,922,948,3799,3821,3852,3866 and 5200.
Just if you want to know.

So I'm now going to pass the stash

If you would like to stitch this chart yourself write Ghost in the comments so I know you what the chart. If you don't write Ghost you will not get put in my pass the stash!!.

I'm glad I stitched all Halloween in October. I'm also glad I can now stitch other things.

I got 4 finished, worked on 4 Wips and started 4. Lucky number 4 in October hay.

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope it gives you lots of stitchin time!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

October Smalls Sal

Hi stitchers, it's that time again.

October was all about Halloween stitching for me so my smalls this month are mill hill kits.

Next month I think I will do Christmas smalls, we will see. Happy stitching!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Witches, ghosts, spiders oh my

Hi stitchers, how was your week? 

Let's see this week I started off with A Wip Minerva by Nora Corbett 


And now I love the colours on her.

Next I started Witch Way by Just Nan. Fabric 28ct evenweave black holed sun by colour cascade. I love this fabric, it's so witchy. 

Here is what it will look like

And so far

Next I started another new one but can't show you my start yet.

Wicked Christmas by Sara and fabric ivory evenweave 28ct I'm doing it 1 over 1.
Yes it's a Christmas one but it has witches flying in it, so it's still a little Halloween right!

Here's what it looks like

As I was stitching on the fabric the edges were fraying so I got all my new evenweave and took them to get sewed. I will get them back Monday. Aida frays but not so much or so quick. Wish sew it all did the edges for us.

Next I started Spirits and Spells by with thy needle and thread fabric 18ct Aida confederate gray.

Will look like this

And last night.

For the rest of October I'm going to try and finish this one. 
I'm stitching in dmc and having to pick my own colours.

I have more Halloween ones but I'm not feeling them. I think I'm now over stitching witches and ghosts. I want to get back to mermaids and add in Christmas.

A friends mum give me some cross stitch she found. I don't know how but it looks like I'm having to stitch her the butterfly kit by dimensions. One minute I'm looking at them and the next my friend said I would stitch the kit for her mum, I don't even think I said yes. lol. It's pretty so I will, it's a nice thing to do anyway. Guess it gets added to my growing Wips soon.

Here's a photo of what she gave me
I love the wizard in the Stoney creek book, will be on my list for sure.

That's it for my stitching this week. I now have 64 Wips so I only added 4 new starts in October, or is it 3. Anyway not bad. I have a lot more to come in the next 2 months, new starts that is. Most are Christmas charts. Until next week happy stitching!!!

Friday, October 19, 2018

More Halloween Stitching

Hi stitchers, thank you for all your comments.
With my new fabric post I've changed my mind on 1 or 2 but you will see that when I get around to stitching the charts.

This week I stitched Halloween Quaker by Lila's studio
I'm so happy I got the little village stitched, it's part of the chart that I really love.


And now

It's getting there.

Next was a new start called Moonbeams and Stardust Witch by Stoney Creek

Will look like this

And what I've stitched so far. 
She is on 16ct Aida jacaranda haze by stitches and spice who closed down years ago. I've had this purple grey in my stash for ages. 

I also got more fabric this week. My order from colour cascade.

This week I changed around my Wips and finished stitching. 
All my Wips are now in a storage container and my finished stitching in a drawer with charts that are kitted with fabric. Really to start.

As you know I watch YouTube, flosstube. People are starting to talk about plans in the new year.
Here are mine.

Rest of October I will still stitch Halloween. 
It is getting harder not to stitch on my Sal, the October mermaid came out this week. 

November and December I'm going to start lots of Christmas charts, maybe a few others too, stitch on the Wips that have been calling me but also use that coloured wheel to pick a wip.

New year I'm going to use the wheel. I have all my Wips on it and I've added mill hill kit and start a new start. I will add all the new starts that I do this year. If a wip calls to me then I will stitch it but mostly it will be a pick from the wheel. How long I stitch on a project is up to me at the time.

I want to stitch on many and it's hard to pick sometimes.

My one goal next year is to get my Wips down. I would like to end 2019 with less then I started the year with but we will see how that goes. If I don't then I don't.

That's my plan anyway. Sound good. I'm pretty sure I can stay with this plan I've made.

Until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, October 15, 2018


Hi stitchers, 
I got my fabric from sew it all.
I thought you would like to see the charts I already had, and the fabric I just got for them.
You will see many in November and December because most are Christmas that I would love to start.

So here goes lots of photos. It was a feel better shopping spree after all. Ha ha

Mini red queen red dragon by heaven and earth fabric 28ct evenweave called ballerina a pretty pink.

QS black rose immortal by Haven and earth design fabric 28ct evenweave antique white.

Earth angel by lavender and lace fabric was hard to get a good photo its 32ct evenweave rainbow cloud and it's a pale rainbow so pretty.

Now the next one might change as I also have more fabric coming for it that I forgot about so it's a will see. Chart merry gentlemen by just nan fabric 28ct evenweave holly and has big holly all over it.

Stitcher's days of Christmas by sue hillis fabric 16ct Aida light grey. I can't wait to start this one.

Tiny tidings #176 by Lizzie Kate fabric 16ct stone I will be doing the big one and putting the elf where the snowman is.

O Christmas tree by Barbara Ana design fabric 32ct evenweave mid blue which is darker then I thought so not sure as yet.

Christmas peace angel by Joan Elliott fabric 16ct Aida kelp a nice light green

Wicked Christmas by Sara fabric 28ct evenweave ivory I wanted it small.

This kit I didn't like the fabric, but love the Santa with the puppys and a few cats. Kit called Santa by Bucilla fabric I got for it is 18ct Aida blue swirl. (I like this fabric for the Barbara Ana one might have to get more)

Welcome to the forest re start fabric 28ct evenweave rain forest it's more green then it's showing right now.

A stitchers four seasons by Shirley wiseman designs I love the words fabric 28ct evenweave sherbet it pink and yellow and I think it will work well.

Witch's stitches by sue hillis again on sherbet but 36ct evenweave. I will start this very soon and I'm only stitching the witch.

The blue one is for a chart that's in my 123 stitch order and the other I got just because but I see a mermaid on it.

That's it my new fabric and like I said all charts I had already. Lots of stitching ahead of me hay.

Until next time happy stitching