Friday, September 21, 2018

Beach i.e. Keen

Hi stitchers, how has your week been?

I stopped my rotation and got a finish last weekend. Yay me!

59 Wips and counting. I still want to start things.

To the beach and back by needle bling designs. 
I used waterlilies 207 for the words ( leftover). Dmc for the rest. Changed the green to purple because of the green in the words and added charms I got from a stitchy box, one dolphin and one seahorse. 
Stitched on 16ct Aida Lambswool.
Here it is

Next I picked up sirena by Lila's studio, only a day on her.
 Here's before

And now

I then got emailing to Alicia The crafty princess. I pushed her into doing a blog post that she wanted to do anyway and she got me motivated to work on mini pirate. I will show in a bit.

As I want to start a few heaven and earth design charts in 2019. You only live once so why not. 
Alicia has been trying to help me with evenweave. Yap I'm going to the dark side lol.

My next head will be on evenweave but I've got to see what I like. Aida is so easy for a head it's 18 count, 2 over 1 but with evenweave you have 1 over 1, 2 over 1, 2 over 2 and 1 over 2 all on the same fabric be it 25 ct to 40 I think it goes to. Hard on a newbie. 

Alicia the lovely lady is sending me 3, yes 3 counts of evenweave fabric to try. I still don't know what to say but thank you again Alicia and I hope you don't mind me telling everyone how helpful and amazing you have been to me this week. A true stitchy friend. I don't have anyone to ask but for the friends I make on my blog. Thank you again.

Here is mini pirate before 

And now, that's the bottom on this page, but as you can see I've still got a lot to do.

Which is why I'm thinking every week I will be working on my pirate with one other Wip, so I get a break from her, until she is done. The other wip can be anything. Still hopeful to get her done by the end of the year. Wish me luck.

I think that's it. Until next week happy stitching everyone!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Not Much Stitching

Hi stitchy friends 

Not much to show you as I got into something else in my free time this week.

In the shops they are starting to bring out the 2019 diaries and calendars. 
Can you believe it's only 3 months and a few week until the end of the year.

This year and my past ones too, I found I didn't use my diary that much just for basic birthdays and such, when I wanted to I didn't have the room to write what I wanted. 

This week I came across bullet journaling. 

I'm hooked even if I haven't started yet. Lol

I can track my life how I want to and even my stitching which I really really want to.

I would like to track how many stitchs I do a day like some of you do. I would like to write down what I stitch on that day. What I need to buy and goals and wish lists. Lol

In my life part I'm very boring doing the same most of the time and in a normal diary I left most weeks with nothing in it, waste of money in the long run. In a bullet journal I can use just one page to cover the month. And if I want to do a journal page I have the room.

I love the ideas I've found and will use. I can't wait to get started. 

Do any of you have a bullet journal?

Since my last up date I've been looking at bullet journals and ideas on them. I've got one coming in the mail with cool stickers. I even found stickers on cross stitch. I'm going to have fun at the start of each month and then just fill in over the month so it will not take to much time away from my stitching.

Onto stitching like I said very little was done, but I also think I needed the break.

Ornamental joy

And now

Miss black swallowtail


Now after 2 days not really stitching her

I didn't get to the last 2. I think I will stay with miss black swallowtail for now.
Today like right now I'm going to start stitching her.

My rotation is again now done. I think I love the idea of them but I can never stay with it.
 Oh well.....sigh 

Until next week happy stitching!!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hi my Stitchy friends 

A friend said this to me as I win from a scratchy, winner winner chicken dinner and I think it's funny as I love chicken for dinner. 

Thank you all 9 of you who entered my giveaway.

I loved hearing what you go to 1st on your shopping lists for cross stitch. 

Like me most of you said it's all about that chart. I so need to stop buying as I have 3 lifetimes of charts but I still see more that come out every year that's a must have. Oh will. It is what it is.

Onto the giveaway....

I got the tiny decisions app that was going around in August. It's a little colored wheel that helps make a decision. 

I put all 9 names in

And pushed the middle to see who wins...... And the winner is?

Lynda Ruth Bowers congratulations!!!

If you can send me your name and full address with country to I will send your giveaway to you.

Thank you to all who entered and happy stitching!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Making up my mind!

Hi Stitchy friends how's your week going so far?

This is what I've been up to.... 

There's been times when I didn't want to stop stitching on a project and just get it done. I don't know. 

I'm feeling 3 ways about my rotation right now. 
1. I like/most of the time stitching everyday on a new wip but
2. I feel if I stay with a wip I will get it done sooner and a few I want to stay with and finish.
3. I like just posting once a week but if I keep the rotation that's to much.
 If I stop then I can go back to it just being Sunday's. Which I like.

What are your thoughts? 

Do I keep the 14 day rotation or do I just stitch on what I want to that week?

As I'm writing this I think I will keep going with this week as I only have 4 more in my 14 Wips and next week go back to my stitch what I want for as long as I want. Ya I like that idea. Go back to only one post a week and maybe get a few finished and work more on my pirate to get her done too.

That's what I'm going to do...

Here's my stitching...

Spring topiary garden by Mirabilia 

And now

Treasures of the deep Sal 

I worked a little on the border 

And stitching in quilt

Not as much done as a book I've been waiting for finally came out. 
Read in one night. Only a short story. Part 2. It wasn't as good as part 1. Now I'm having to wait for part 3 who knows how long. Don't you hate that.

That it for stitching for now.

My giveaway is now closed!!! In the next day or so I will do a post for it. Find out who wins.
Thank you everyone that went into it.

Until next time happy stitching!!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Still going strong and with a bonus.

Hi stitchers, thanks for all your comments.

Only a few days left to get in my giveaway so put your name down, you just might be the winner. 
Got to be in it to win it!

Stitching... Next in my line up was sweet bears by soda stitch.

I was not feeling this one when I picked it for my 14 day rotation. Then it was time to stitch it and I really didn't want to put it away. Funny how that happens.

Here is before, not much

And now with the cloth done. It's the middle of the chart.

Next was Halloween Quaker would love to get it done this year.


And now I've hit the bottom yay! Still a lot to stitch.

Next was sirena by lila's studio love the mermaids. 


And now. Trying to get better photos with fabric. It's about right, I wanted a darker under the sea look and love how it's turning out.

Also this week I stitched a small for my Sal.
 I have a lot of mill hill kits so why not add them to my list when I want to.

It's now spring so I thought this one fit so well.

I'm also now on Instagram under crossstitchangel. I'm going to try putting a daily photo of my stitching but still post on my blog everything so don't stop coming here to see what I'm up to.

That's it for now, next post is Wednesday until then happy stitching!!

Oh and I had to show you all the orchid my mum has out right now so pretty.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Start of rotation

Hi Stitchy friends. I know I'm posting sooner but I think it will be better for both of us. I will now be posting on Sunday's and Wednesday/Thursday's from now on. 
It's because I'm stitching on a different wip everyday, which I love doing but there's lots of photos with before and after its just better to make more posts. 

Thanks for all your comments that you take the time to give. I try but I can be a bit lazy myself about it.

Don't forget only a few days until my giveaway is closed so put your name in at the top.

On to stitching!

Sunday was Mini Pirate and I loved getting back to her.



Monday Lilly of the woods



Tuesday Epic storybook princesses


And more border with a start on the good stuff 

Wednesday dog house sampler


And now. I was so happy when it all lined up.

That's it for now. Today I stitch on sweet bears.
Happy stitching!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

New 14 Day Rotation

Hi again.
Here's what I picked for my 14 day rotation.

Now I'm going to say if I want to stitch on any, more then 1 day I will. I'm mostly talking about my Sal here but it goes for all.

This is in order of how I'm going to stitch.

1 mini pirate 

2 Lilly of the woods

3 epic storybook princesses

4 dog house sampler

5 sweet bears (it's for mum and had to go in)

6 Halloween Quaker 

7 sirena 

8 spring topiary garden

9 treasures of the deep Sal 

10 stitching in quilt

11 ornamental joy

12 Miss black swallowtail

13 south seas mermaid 

14 sowis bobines 

All in my pretty project bags

When I finish a wip a new one will go into that spot. Happy Stitching!!