Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stitch From Stash January

Hi all, 
I've been stitching my wip (works in progress) mini pirate by Selena Fenech. 
Page 3 is now all stitched up so I have the 1st row all done yay!!!. I will also show you what it now looks like which is a T, lol.

So Amount Spend is $0.00
It was hard not to spend any money as heaven and earth had a sale on and there are so many charts I would love to get, Cross stitch Mags I would have love only for a chart or two and The fox collection catalogue I got in the mail, I was lucky I did not want anything this time from them. It was not easy.

On top of that I thought I would have to get more dmc for my pirate as I was running low, but went over the dmc I have in my stash and found what I needed, for now. 
Until my next post  
Happy stitching!. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seashell Treasures

Hi, I hope everyone had a great new year. 
Over christmas and as it's summer here, I got out a UFO (unfinished object) It's been in a draw for a long time. 
It's called Seashell Treasures by Dimensions and it was hard to pick up and stitch everyday. I have only got half way as I just could not do anymore. I hope to get it all stitched before the year is out, so you will see it again just not right now. So pic's

This is what it will look like when done

What it looks like right now

Happy stitching!!!