Saturday, June 30, 2018

Smalls Sal June

Hi, I'm late with this because I was thinking of not posting it anymore. I don't think it's going now. 3 months and no sign in. I hope heather at stitching lotus is ok. 
As you all see what I stitch I'm going to ask you? Do I keep doing the smalls post or give it up? Or do I just post all the photos like I'm about to.

Here is June's in photos

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, June 25, 2018

3 Mermaids

Hi Stitchy friends.

Thank you for all your comments. You are all so nice to take the time out of your day to do them, so a big thanks.

This week I was in a mermaid mood, so why not stitch on 3! 

Number one was my mini pirate page 9 

Here is before on page 9

And now. I think I did a lot on her. Mostly background and more arm.

Number two was Treasures of the deep sal the March mermaid.

Before I show you...

I was thinking about beading as I go, or as I feel I can, there's so much beading in this one.
So I looked at my bead pack that I also got.
The chart calls for seed beads and I got petite seed beads, so very small ones. I've also heard that you don't get the right number of gold. 
For me I don't like the type of gold next to the 002 kreinik. You know there's a lot of different golds. 
So my idea is this I will use the bead pack on the mermaids unless when I do bead they are to small, but I think it might still work and for the border use mill hill seed beads 00557 a better gold next to the kreinik. The mermaids also have gold in them so it will stand out more with the two different golds. We will see how it goes.

Here is a picture of the Sal that's out so far so you know what it's going to look like sorry it small.

Here is before

And the March mermaid without beads for now.

I loved stitching on this Sal and want to get back to it next week.

Number three was a new start. Princess Mermaids by Soda Stitch

I'm stitching two mermaids per fabric but all four are going to be on 16 count Aida bubbles - blue by sew it all. I wanted something fun. I hope you can see the bubbles in the photo.

This week I want to finish this mermaid and then move back to my Sal. After that we will see.
That's it for me, I hope you all had a great stitchy week and a good one this week. Post again next Monday. Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Just a Note

Hi stitchers, like most of you I haven't been getting your comments via email but I will be now thanks to serendipitous stitching. Look her blog up on my side bar to see the fix. A big thank you.

June if you could leave a comment or email me at I will give you my address.

Thanks all and happy stitching!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Teal Stitchy Box

Hi stitchers tonight I got the teal stitchy box in the mail. I have to say it's a great box if you love beads.

So what I got

1 fiber on a whim thread called rain forest
2 delica beads in mint
3 ribbon, it's cool.
4 natural amazonite faceted round (beads)
5 florimell silk floss in Sumatra 
6 more beads in dark teal
7 seed beads in frosted teal
8 14 count Aida misty by zweigcrt it's a gray which in a teal box is just wrong.
9 teal ric rac
10 more teal seed beads
11 teal buttons
12 spring teal thread I think I got this in my other stitchy box to.
13 light green fabric not sure if its linen or evenweave 
14 limited edition gloriana silk floss love the color
And 15 even more seed beads turquoise blue.

That's it for the teal box. Lots of beads. 
Just a note for Kay the box we are waiting for is going to be sent soon, I haven't forgotten you.
Happy stitching!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Start, Finished

Hi Stitchy friends.

Today I finished my new start. I don't know why it took so long to stitch. I was hoping for only 3 days until done but it didn't work out that way, which is ok.

Barbara Ana Designs owl-o-ween scissor fob.

I'm not doing it as a scissor fob but maybe a pillow.
It's on 16 count Aida Haunted by picture this plus.

The writing looks better then in the photo, don't know why it's not really showing up better.
That's it for now.
 What to stitch now? Maybe another small new start and finish, we will see.
Until next week thanks for all your comments and happy stitching!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Mix

Hi stitchers, 

I needed a new start on Monday so got out my fiberlicious treasures of the deep Sal that I went into at the start of the year. It was pricey so thought I better start it soon. 
I got the fiberlicious fabric and the beads too. I ended up not useing the fabric because of some of the dmc colors.

So I'm stitching treasures of the deep Sal on 16 count Aida colour cascade fabrics called sweet child of mine. I think I'm going to get more of it later, love the colour.

Not much stitched on it but I got a start. The blue bit is a little tail of March mermaid.

Next I got out moon sweet moon and did a little on the moon.
Here is before

And now not that you can really see any progress but it's there.

Next I got out my monthly word stitched in weeks dye works foliage. I'm thinking I might add a snowflake charm just above the u as its cold in July it's our winter.

And last I stitched my Lizzie Kate holiday spirit word

I love how it is turning out. I have 5 words to go.

I was brave and went to the dentist, now I'm not in any pain before going or now but after a very hard time doing a X-ray and being told she could give me a temporary fix but I would be in pain later on and have to come back for the next thing which would be a lot of money and me having to go back. I could not get out of there faster if I tried. So looks like later I'm going to get sedated hopefully when I call the dental hospital who took out my wisdom teeth. I can get it out totally which will be less stressful for me and save me a lot of money and hopefully never see a dentist again for years to come. I was so stressed that it took me 4 days to carm down. I'm still not in any pain and no I did not let the dentist give me the temporary fix. So I will see what happens, it's right at the back so it's not that bad.

Back to stitching 

Today I'm thinking of just picking a project and working on it until finished or I'm bored. I think I'm done with my rotation for a while. I don't know maybe I will just leave it all open and say I will stitch on what I want until I what. I keep going back to the wips in it after all.

Thank you for all your nice comments on my finish in my last post, it was a fun stitch when I got the big scissors done. I would hate to be the little people in the little houses with a big lady with scissors running around, don't think they would leave the house. Ha ha 

I finding out I have a few charts with scissors in them, I don't know why.

Untill next week and who knows what I will stitch, I need to stop making plans really.
 Happy stitching!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

On A Roll With Another Finish

Hi stitchers, how was your week? My stitchy week was great, I have a finish today.

My life week went down hill. I'm having to go to the dentist next week and I'm freaked out about it. Needles and dentists are my fears and when I say freaked out I mean really fearful of going. I'm fine after, even if I'm in pain but the going and doing... Oh help.

Anyway My finish was Let It Snow by Barbara Anna Designs. 
I used 18 count Aida Forget me not blue by sew it all
I only changed the date from1839 to 2018 and I think I did a good job doing it. Everything else was called for. 

Here is before

And my finish

The white did not show up as much on the blue as I would have liked but it's brighter then the photo.

I don't know how my stitching will go next week, it's words week but I think I might charge that this month. See what happens. Happy Stitching!!!