Monday, April 30, 2018

Pirate and New Start

Hi stitchers

This week I started page 9 on my pirate but I was not feeling it. 

You know when I said I would stitch another project only on the weekends, well looks like I was wrong. It's the motto stitch what you want now. I'm going with it.

Here is page 9 on mini pirate

New start Miss Columbian Nymphalid by Nora Corbett
I'm stitching her on 16 count sliver ash Aida by sew it all, it's a blue grey.

I have loved stitching her this week and don't want to put her away.

I'm missing a kreinik but I should get it next week maybe.

For a small Nora she is going to have lots of beads. All the space in the grey is beads, her boots have the kreinik I'm missing and beads.

That's my week. This week back to words.  Happy Stitching!!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Smalls Sal April

Hi Stitchy friends.

It's that time again and I have one small I didn't post about so it's new to everyone.
I made it a week ago I think.

It's called pin pokes 1 by Homespun Elegance.
I changed all the colors. The bird is waterlilies 285 Sherwood Forest and kreinik 027 and 009.
Fabric was a off cut of something, in my stash. I don't know the name but think it's 16 count.

Stitching things 2 by Homespun Elegance
Again I changed the colors, looks darker in photo that what it is

And every month ones

My monthly was in weeks thread harvest

Lizzie Kate holiday spirt

Lizzie Kate 3 little words

Until next month 
Happy Stitching Everyone!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Busy Week

Hi stitchy friends. 

It's been a busy week with life stuff, so not a lot of stitching, but still progress so that's good.

The Rose Of Sharon


And now

New to rotation is a free weekend.
I can stitch on anything I want to on the weekends. 
I have so many that I want to stitch but all my rotation projects are big so they are not moving that fast so 2 days I get to stitch whatever, and it can still be the weeks wip, or new or anything.

So that said and with what little time I had this weekend I got out my seahorse 


And now

My dad saw this and said my paint is running ha ha.

I'm not one to show stash much anymore as you get to see it when I start stitching them but I have two things I wanted to show you.

I got myself a lowery workstand, I will not be using it all the time but this week I did and it takes a little time to get used to after hand stitching. The great thing is I get to use my Q Snaps that have been sitting around doing nothing. It also doesn't take up to much room and it's a stand that I can get to the back of my stitching with, a big thing for me. Next on my list is a few Quantum Frames I want the big 100 one for my stitch in time and maybe the 60 or 70 one for the rest. One day.

Next I wanted to show you a chart I just got. I'm not a big fan of cloudsfactory charts but this one I just had to have and I want to stitch it today if I could. It's a bit pricey but... I still had to have it.
It's the new Epic storybook princesses.

There's two ways to stitch this, the one I'm showing and the other which has two spaces free for two more princesses to come. I will get them free as I got the full chart I'm going to stitch the spaces free one. 

Here the chart

Better at cloudsfactory. Net if you want to see, it's so cute.

So that's it this week. Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Hi stitchers

Thank you for all your comments and votes. It was nice to know I was not the only one to have a hard time choosing which chart, wip to stitch.

The winner is Rose of Sharon with 3 votes and the owl was second with 2 votes.

I got the Rose of Sharon for me but she turned into a gift when I started to stitch her. We had a fallout and as in my mind she was for the person, I just couldn't stitch on her anymore, to finish her. She got put away for a while until 2 weeks ago she popped up in my mind and I got her out thinking its time. In she went with my other 3 choices. I had a feeling you all would pick her.

So today I start again on Rose of Sharon.

This week was my Halloween Quaker. I took a few days no stitching to read a good book and play a game on my iPad. 

Yesterday the frog visited me 3 times on the unfinished motif, all 3 lines around I miss counted. I was watching flosstube and not paying attention. So gave up and put it back down after fixing it of course.
So not like me, I'm lucky the frog doesn't visit every often.

Here is before 

And now

This weekend past We had Autumn weather with the cold, windy, rainy days yay rain, we so need it but I could do without the wind.
Here is Jess this morning, she didn't want to get out of bed, not that I blame her right now.

Ya my doggie loves the covers.

Happy Stitching!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hi Stitchy friends 

I need your help

I have a empty week in my rotation thanks to my finish of needleworker.

So I've got myself down to 5 from my big stash. I can't choose.

I would like YOU to pick what I stitch next until a finish. 

It will be put in my rotation every month starting Monday 16th 

So what are YOUR choices...

A New Start Miss Columbian Nymphalid

Spring Topiary Garden

What I've stitch so far

The Rose Of Sharon

What I've stitch so far


What I've done so far

And Beaded Owl

What I've done so far

Now what would YOU like to see me stitch and finish starting next week?

Please tell me as I want to stitch them all and can not choose.
The most votes will get picked.

Happy Stitching!! I can't wait to see what one I will be stitching Monday.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Lots Of Stitching, Lots To Show

Hi stitchers, thank you for all your really nice comments. 

As per my rotation it's words week, but I have 3 extra projects to show and 2 more little finishes yay me.

Let's get started

My monthly one, I used weeks dye works harvest. It's very Autumn, just want I wanted.
Sorry for the shadow, I'm lazy and did not take a better one.

Lizzie Kate Holiday spirit word. I know I said all white was going gray but sometimes you need white.

I changed the white under stocking to gray too.

Lizzie Kate 3 little words 

Now for the extra 3 I got to stitch this week

ABC Stitch by Jardin Prive 


And now, I stitched from the tree up. 
I was not really feeling this one, I love it but... so I changed.

Little house needleworks the home of a needleworker 2 is finished.
I did not stitch the top and bottom borders or the swirl thing. I got to where I stoped and thought I like this how it is. Even asked another and they said the same.

Here is a pic of it in full again


And now finished 

I love it.

Sunday night I wanted to stitch but it had to be small. 
So in my stash I had a chart called stitching things 2 by homespun elegance.

So for photo it's in plastic 

I started putting dmc and the strawberry was brown no way, no thanks so I choose my own colors. 
Not like me to change colors on a chart but I had fun and love how it turned out. Yes it's a finish.

The only called for was the scissors dmc 3031, I was thinking of changing it to gold but I like it how it is. So bobbin brown is classic colorworks cocoa bean, the blue, purple is from my purple stitchy box silk n colors grape soda as are the buttons the strawberry, the green is week dye works holly and red is classic colorworks razzleberry the white bits ecru dmc and the needle dmc 535.
It's not as dark as the photo shows.

I'm going to use purple backing fabric the the lace both from the purple stitchy box to finish it. 
Maybe a pillow. 

That's it, until next week happy stitching!!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

A Little Progress

Hi stitchers, hope you had a great stitchy week.

Before I show you what I stitched on.

butterfly- June if you still would like the linen from my stitchy box could you email me your address to and I will send it in a week or so.
As for Kay thanks for going in for the linen. I will be getting another stitchy box this year that I know will have more linen in it so if you can wait until then it's yours, just send me your address to the above if you still would like please. I will keep it until I get the new box, and send the linen to you.

Now for my stitching this week

Spring Topiary Garden. Not a lot. When I got better I didn't want to keep stitching on it. I think because I started when I was sick. I will get back to it. Don't know when right now, so many things I want to stitch.


And now. Love stitching with the waterlilies threads

Next I got out home of a needleworker 2


And now, I think it looks better in person then the picture.

That's my week of stitching. Not much I don't think but progress. 
Until next time happy stitching!!!