Saturday, March 31, 2018

Smalls Sal March

Hi stitchers, happy Easter.

So the first of March was the start of Autumn.
Time to stitch The Autumn Acorn by Jeannette Douglas 

3 Little Words by Lizzie Kate 

Holiday spirit by Lizzie Kate 

And my month one using weeks dye works celebration

I added the bunny. Happy Easter everyone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stitchy Box Springtime Countdown, I show what's inside.

Hi Stitchy friends 

Today I got my springtime countdown box from stitchy box. I was going to open everything in April like it was for, but I needed a stitchy pick me up with having a cold.
So here is what I got oh and I got a bonus how cool is that.

In the springtime box 

1 Ceramic bunny bead good for a scissor fob
2 NPI silk thread wisteria 784
3 bamboo trinket box I love this
4 Opaque sunshine size 11 beads
5 hand dyed velvet purple so soft
6 glass head pins
7 weeks dye works thread Emma's pink
8 colonial parchment 32ct linen 
9 painted glass heart bead great for a scissor fob
10 lavender luster size 15 beads
11 nymo thread never used it so now I can try it.
12 3 Swarovski flower crystal yellow 
13 planet earth silk thread spring teal
14 fleur lugana fabric it has white flowers
15 Molly dolly tulip farm chart ( not my thing, so many nice springtime charts out there I was disappointed)
16 Dragonfly charm
17 fire polished crystals 2mm teal and green
18 quilt fabric for finishing its butterflies and dragonflys love this and have plans for it
19 teal bugle beads
20 dinky dyes silk thread 270 saffron
21 ribbon with flowers and turtles
22 raspberry size 11 beads
23 green leaf mother of pearl beads so cool
24 light pink linen
25 green fabric you can also stitch on or not
26 flower beads
27 fiberlicious silk tread sheer happiness
28 bee charm
29 lime size 11 beads
30 pink cotton crochet lace
31 springtime vierlande chart again disappointed 

My bonus was silk n colors pixie twist so pretty 

That it, that's the springtime stitchy box.

Now I don't stitch on linen so if you would like them please leave a comment, I would like to know they will get used and not sitting in my stash.
Happy stitching

Monday, March 26, 2018

Started on a high, what down hill fast.

Hi Stitchy friends 

My week started with 3 days of stitching mini pirate and I got page 11 finished. Yay me! 
Now I only have 1 full page and 1 half page to stitch. I can now see I just might get her done this year.


And now sorry about the photo she is not that flat when I took it oops makes her look bad.

And then I got sick, my week went from a high of a page finish to being sick in bed with a really bad cold.
Just before it got so bad with the water works I did get to stitch a new start.

Spring Topiary Garden by Mirabilia 

This is all I got done

When I was sick (still not great yet) I looked to see if anyone has stitched them and only found 1 lady who is stitching her this year, on a purple fabric, not my choice of fabric for this but anyway. I was going to go with a green but too many greens would blend in. So just went with 16 count white I had in my stash. You also don't stitch a lot of the fairys dress on both sides so I went with the called for fabric. 

Spring topiary garden chart has the wings cut off at the ends so had to go to their web site to get the fix.
It has 8 waterlilies thread and 3 kreinik and 8 colors beads with the dmc. Fun times. Love working with waterlilies threads. 

This week I will try and stitch on spring topiary garden as I get better. I'm at the end of the cold so that's good.

Hope you all had a better week then I did, happy stitching!!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Need your help please!

Hi Stitchy friends

I need your help.
I have this chart called the birds and the bees by ink circles

I have fabric that I couldn't use on another chart because it's very bright yellow close to dmc 3078.

What I need help with is I want a variegated thread to go on this bright 3078 fabric which will be this chart.

I'm thinking blues and greens but in a dark way because of the bright fabric. 

So I've seen a few waterlilies that might work what do you think best or have you got any ideas please

Parrot but it has yellow and I don't think it will work

Turquoise trail don't know about the red on bright yellow 

Sherwood Forest again don't know

Pine forest I like this but on bright yellow?

Mediterranean really like this and it will go I think, not sure

Hudson Bay also like this but maybe to dark

Help please I could change the fabric but what else would I use it for and I thought bees yellow, birds green or blue. If you have any ideas even if it's a different thread help a girl out.

I like the idea of green on yellow but I don't know it has to be the right green if I could find a mid to dark green, blue combo that would be cool maybe.

Thank you and happy stitching!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

A Finish and Part of a House

Hi Stitchers 

So it's Autumn but summer is not letting go. We haven't had rain in weeks, everything is so dry. 

Here is my finish with The Autumn Acorn by Jeannette Douglas Designs 
It's on 36 (I think, same as the summer one) evenweave.
My first time stitching Queen stitches.

Here's the pic

And my finish 

I like the colors.

Next it got a little busy after my finish but I still made progress on home of a needle worker 2.

Here is before 

And now.
I was trying to finish the house but did not make it in time, it has too many windows.
I started calling it the never ending house.

I'm also ready for Easter now with my new tree up. 
My plan is to stitch a few holiday and sewing/stitching little ones to go on the tree so I can have it up all year round but that will take time.

So that's my stitchy week. Hope you too had a good week. Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

My Stitchy Week

Hi stitchers, how was your stitchy week? Great I hope.

Here's mine 

Monday and Tuesday I put lots of DMC onto bobbins and even now I'm still finding more I have to bobbin. Sign just when you think it's over...

Wednesday I felt like a new start (stitch all the things right) so 

Home of a needleworker by Little house Needleworks.

I'm using all called for Classic colorworks thread and fabric is 16 count Mello Aida by picture this plus. I love the color of this fabric but don't think much on the Aida, it will do and because of the color I might get more in the future.

Here is what it will look like

And my little start of the house 

Thursday and Friday I stitched another new start, this one is from the world of cross stitching magazine  issue 259. It's a Seahorse, I'm not stitching the background, just the seahorse and I love her. So bright.

Stitching with called for DMC and kreinik backstitch when I get there.
Fabric is 16 count Aida wild flower opalescent by sew it all.

Here's what she will look like

And what I've done so far, love her.

Saturday and Sunday was busy with housework and friends but I still got to stitch on my rotation project Halloween Quaker.

Here is before 

And now with the big motif done, it's progress. 

Have you seen the new Christmas one, it's on the way to me.
Plan is to finish the Halloween Quaker and stitch this Christmas one next year, or as soon as the Halloween one is done.
Now if only she did a Easter one I would be jumping up and down.

That's  it for my week, Thanks for all your comments, I love each and every one. 
Happy Stitching!!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cross Stitch, It's Fun Challenge (long post)

Hi stitchers.

MichelleBendy on flosstube and now she does a blog is doing a 30 day challenge on Instagram 
tag #crossstitchitsfun. I'm not on Instagram but today I thought it would be fun to do all 30 days in one.

Why not join me and do this on your blog too, in 30 days or like me in 1. It's just for fun!

Let's get started...

1. Selfie. No Sorry not doing this one.

2. Oldest Wip. That would be Leonardo, I don't know when I started but years ago.

3. Stitching Buddy. Well Jessie is never around when I'm stitching so that would be my angel bear Mia I got from a friend.

4. Another Hobby. Adult Coloring, here is all my books, pages are colored here and there.

5. 321 

6. New Start. This week I started two but will show you in weekly Monday post. Here is one of them.

7. Favorite Sal. Right now it would be Moon Sweet Moon by Passione Ricamo. I need to work on it more.

8. Favorite Needleminder. I only have 4 but the one I use most is still in the plastic, I like it that way.

9. Today's stitching spot.

10. Favorite color. Blues and greens. This thread is waterlilies 207 Bermuda reef for a upcoming project. So pretty.

11. Stitching goal for the year. Mine is to finish Lizzie Kate's 3 little words and holiday spirit, also finish mini pirate and maybe Halloween Quaker.

12. Hot Bevergae. Hot Chocolate, I don't drink coffee or tea.

13. On the go project. The only one I have traveled with is let it snow

14. Favorite Wip. This is a hard one but right now my other new start this week Seahorse. Hard to put down. Again see more Monday.

15. Favorite Finish. My QS Opal Fairy by heaven and earth designs, my chart was in the world of cross stitching magazine part one and two.

16. Storage. I keep most of my things in drawers

17. Designer. I like Joan Elliott, heaven and earth designs, Mirabilia, Nora Corbett, Passione Ricamo and Shannon Wasilieff.

18. What are you stitching today. Halloween Quaker 

19. Rotation. Lizzie Kate words week, Halloween Quaker, mini pirate and anything else I want to stitch that month as long as I get to stitch the main ones.

20. Number of Wips. Right now 42 wow how did that happen. Got to get stitching!.

21. Stash. Here are my charts and books. Not all my stash as I have kits I haven't started.

22. 310

23. Favorite Theme. I love fantasy.  Fairys, Mermaids, witches, Dragons.

24. Fibers. I think this means threads, mostly DMC but this year I've been using a lot of classic colorworks.

25. Fabric. My go to is 16 count Aida in lots of color ways as it gives room for beads, which a lot of my projects have. 14 count is to big for this and 18 to small. I do like stitching on 18 count Aida when no beads.

26. Hoop, Frame, or Qsnap. I stitch in hand but if I need to I will use all 3, and have.

27. Needles. I like using size 28 for cross stitch and a size 10 for backstitch and beading.

28. Sparkles. I have both kreinik and treasure braid but I like kreinik better as it's thicker and covers better. Whatever the chart calls for.

29. Beads. Most are mill hill, this is just one box. Like I said most of my projects have beads.

And last one 30. Specialty Stitches. I don't have a lot of charts for this, here is what I have and my finish. I also have 2 chatelaine charts on the way to me. Don't know when I will stitch them.

End of challenge.
It was fun to do today. I hope you all enjoyed my answers.

Now I challenge you!!!