Thursday, March 22, 2018

Need your help please!

Hi Stitchy friends

I need your help.
I have this chart called the birds and the bees by ink circles

I have fabric that I couldn't use on another chart because it's very bright yellow close to dmc 3078.

What I need help with is I want a variegated thread to go on this bright 3078 fabric which will be this chart.

I'm thinking blues and greens but in a dark way because of the bright fabric. 

So I've seen a few waterlilies that might work what do you think best or have you got any ideas please

Parrot but it has yellow and I don't think it will work

Turquoise trail don't know about the red on bright yellow 

Sherwood Forest again don't know

Pine forest I like this but on bright yellow?

Mediterranean really like this and it will go I think, not sure

Hudson Bay also like this but maybe to dark

Help please I could change the fabric but what else would I use it for and I thought bees yellow, birds green or blue. If you have any ideas even if it's a different thread help a girl out.

I like the idea of green on yellow but I don't know it has to be the right green if I could find a mid to dark green, blue combo that would be cool maybe.

Thank you and happy stitching!!!


  1. I like Sherwood forest , but the blues would also look nice.

  2. I like Pine Forest, also Sherwood Forest. Have you laid them over the fabric to see how they look?

  3. Hi Stunner.
    Sorry I'm really late, just trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. But if you still need some help I can suggest that Sherwood Forest would really suit a bright yellow as all the greens and oranges will pop and make it a nice summery piece. And I think it will be perfect for the pattern too. Hope this helps. I can't wait to see this stitched up.
    xo Alicia