Saturday, January 19, 2019

Update if your still with me

Hi my friends. I've taken a breath and been looking around trying to find a way to fix my blog. 
I've found out a lot of bad news so here's my update.

Error 400 started to show up on blogs around 2013 to 2015/16 lots of people where having problems posting with pictures asking Google to fix it. I think because some blogs got fixed and others did not, that many just left their blogs.
Maybe that's why the blogs that I loved to follow around that time just stopped blogging. Just sayin.
Anyway what I got was that it was never really fixed.

I found on a web page that Google stopped using apps, that they pulled, canceled all apps to blogger and the ones still running, they were not fixing apps, if something went wrong. Back in 2015/16 I think. Around the time many had this error show up. I looked on my app and it was last updated 2017 so I guess the above is true and Google have dropped apps.

Google left iPads, phones and such and just updated blogger on computers. 

I found out this must be true because I could not find the app I've been using all this time anywhere. Apps that can be used for blogger are not by Google and there's not that many. 

As my iPad which I use for my blog is now under "old" did you know iPads have a expired date cos until it stopped updating iOS I didn't. I just needed 1 more update and I would still be fine but it stopped updating at 9.5 or 9.8. We are now going into iOS 12 I think. Maybe another reason why the error 400.

I can't get any of the blogger apps because you need iOS 10 or later, like I said just one more update and I would have been fine with a lot of apps still. 

Even if I could have got a new app I found another problem.

If I delete the blogger app that I have been using all this time, I delete everything, every post, picture, word everything that's on my blog. 

Ya not good hay.

So even if I do save up and get a new iPad my blog is going to be gone. How that for bad.

I've thought about what I want to do...

I could try a new blog site. And I did. I want to Wordpress but they so want you to buy in that the free part was not working for me, I didn't like it and it didn't like my iPad so I got out of there. 

I could get a new iPad (which I will one day) start all over with a new blog as my app blogger will delete all the old as most will be gone anyway but this will happen again I'm sure. 

Or I give up blogging and use Instagram which is free, I can use this iPad with no problems and maybe when, if I get a new iPad I could go on Facebook like so many have.

I still can't find how to fix the error 400 but after looking into other blog sites they all say we give you this storage for you posts so maybe I'm at full with pictures. But even if that's true and I find a way to delete the old ones I'm still back here with all the other problems.

Blogger is now made to be used on a computer not iPad. I have a computer but can't get on it cos of family. Plus I like iPad. 

So Instagram it is from now on, I don't see the point of trying to find a fix that I can't find. 
To find me go to #crossstitchangel or #treasuresofthedeepsal and click on one of my photos, not many there. My little profile picture is of a black angel.
Yes Kay you really should go to Instagram, it's easy to use and free.
Later as I said I might do the Facebook thing but not right now.

So that's it, I will delete this and my other finished blog around the end of February.
It's been great blogging for you all and I will still try and comment on your blogs so I will still be around. 
If your not on Instagram I hope you will join, and look me up, there's some amazing cross stitch on it.

One last thing to the following lady's 
June at butterfly wings
Rachel at ten hour stitcher
Alicia at the crafty princess 
Katie at Jeremiah's mom
Sasha at craftysasha
Lynda at purple pixie dust

Lady's a big thank you for all your comments over the years.
Can I get your addresses please at

That's it my last post ever, it's sad to say goodbye after doing this since 2012. 
Happy stitching and I hope I will see you on Instagram. 

Oh and Elaine to answer your question the picture of the lady with owl was a free wallpaper but it would look great as a cross stitch I hope you can find it or see if you can copy from this blog. 

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