Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Start's

Well this week I could not choose what to begin so I started both. I start all my stitching in the middle. 

Which is very big. 60 Page's and the fabric is going to be hard to deal with as it's huge. I don't have a frame for it so it will be slow stitching on this one. I have not done a lot. She is stitched on 16 count Aida white.

Page 27

My Lady Of The Snow
I have never stitched a Passione Ricamo chart and found out it's got a lot of beads in it, so this should look really good when done. I changed the fabric on this one, did a few stitches and I thought the blue/gray was a bit dull, so I'm now stitching her on a Stitches and Spice fabric called Arabian Nights Opal 14 count Aida. I still don't know about the fabric as one of the threads works in a little to much with the fabric, but we will see how it turns out. I can always go back to stitching her on the blue/grey. Thou I don't want to do that.

What I've done so far 

So that's it, I've started and I hope to show you more very soon

Friday, July 13, 2012

DMC Threads

All my free time this week I have been putting DMC threads on those cardboard bobbins things. It would really be great if DMC come this way to begin with, it would save so much of my time that I could be stitching. I have a few big pictures I want to start and by doing the bobbins I find makes my life easier, just wish there was not so many I have to do, I'm talking 200 + people. Am I the only one that does this? Got to ask...  Hope to be stitching soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Indian Model Finished

Last night I FINISHED. I'm so happy, she looks good, even better when she gets framed. She was a very easy stitch to do. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indian Model Part 4

Had to take a short break from stitching the last few days as I got very busy and could not find the time. I don't want to put a photo up of Indian Model until she is done, which should be soon as I only have a bit of her arm to do now. I hope to get her finished by end of next week or sooner.

The craft and quilt fair in Melbourne is the 26th July, so very soon. I don't go every year and can not go this time because of money. I always have to have lots as I buy a lot of stitching stuff.

So this year I went on Heaven and Earth and went thou all their 7679 charts. I had a goal only buy the one's I realllllly want. I ended up with 9. I thought it would be more with 7679 to choose from but I'm happy I got to add new charts to my stash.

I got:
Mermaid Ariel
Mini Emerald Hawthorn
Little Fairies at Play
Magnificent Wings
Masquerade Bluebird
QS My Favorite Rose
White Tiger and the Waves

You will see pictures if I ever get to stitching them or look them up at Heaven and Earth.