Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indian Model Part 4

Had to take a short break from stitching the last few days as I got very busy and could not find the time. I don't want to put a photo up of Indian Model until she is done, which should be soon as I only have a bit of her arm to do now. I hope to get her finished by end of next week or sooner.

The craft and quilt fair in Melbourne is the 26th July, so very soon. I don't go every year and can not go this time because of money. I always have to have lots as I buy a lot of stitching stuff.

So this year I went on Heaven and Earth and went thou all their 7679 charts. I had a goal only buy the one's I realllllly want. I ended up with 9. I thought it would be more with 7679 to choose from but I'm happy I got to add new charts to my stash.

I got:
Mermaid Ariel
Mini Emerald Hawthorn
Little Fairies at Play
Magnificent Wings
Masquerade Bluebird
QS My Favorite Rose
White Tiger and the Waves

You will see pictures if I ever get to stitching them or look them up at Heaven and Earth.


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