Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Had a little earthquake last night. I was stitching away and listening to the hot 30 on the radio when everything started shaking. I'm just glad I did not get pricked by my needle. No damage to me or mine so that's good.

Last weekend while out shopping with a friend I find these:
Do you see the one on the bottom left, it's one of the charts on HEAD see Link it's one of Anne Stokes and I'm sure I have seen others. You can get the picture on mugs, posters, pillows. Saves stitching it which is what I was thinking of doing later on. 

I've been thinking as I stitch Indian Model, I did write that after it was finished I would do a rotation, but I'm not now. I'm just going to stitch what I want to stitch, when I want to, if you want to call that a rotation so be it. I start all my stitching in the middle, I have tried to stitch page 1,2,3 ect.. but for me it does not feel right.

Another blog I really like is
She has kindly let me put her on my blog list, so thank you. 

Ok here are a few I'm thinking of starting after Indian Model

Cascade By Jonathon Earl Bowser
Stitch her on white 18 count aida
She is 60 Page's I must be nut's
but I really like her Cascade

Hammock White Tiger By Kayomi Harai
Stitch it on white 18 count aida
Tiger is 24 page's and so cute
I got the big one before the mini was out.

My lady Of The Snow by Passione Ricamo
Stitch her on blue/gray 18 count aida

Mini Pirate By Selena Fench
Stitch her on Antique white 18 count aida
She is 12 page's Mini Pirate 

So as you can see I have lots of stitching to do, I just don't know what one to start first, and I have others too, so happy stitching to all. 

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  1. Hi Amanda. Thanx for following my blog. I'm so glad you did as now I have found yours. Your blog is amazing. I love your current wip of Indian model, she is truly beautiful. Fantastic projects coming up too. I have white hammock tiger in the mini which was a gift from another stunning follower. He will be starting up this year too when I get to him in the rotation. I think it's great that you just sew what you want I unfortunately need the rotation otherwise some of them will never see the light of day. I hope you pop back over and enter my giveaway for 100 followers as you helped me achieve this milestone. Happy stitching, I hope to see more posts from you. Lovely to meet another aussie stitcher too!! xox Alicia