Friday, June 8, 2012

Indian Model Part 2

Hi all,
Did not get much stitching done in the last few day's as you see below. I've been busy reading other cross stitch blogs and buying DMC and fabric for a few Heaven and Earth chart's and even a Passione Ricamo. I'm thinking of doing a rotation. When I start I will give you all the name's and details.
Back to the Indian Model, I think I'm done with all the gold threads. Don't know if you can see them in photo. I had to use sticky tape just to thread the needle, made it much easier and faster. As you see I want her done, I have so many cross stitch pic's I want to do it's not funny, I am always thinking of my next one when I get half way with the pic I'm stitching at the time. Is that just me?.  

1 comment:

  1. This is really beautiful, I have been admiring this pattern for awhile. I went through my stash the other day and figured out that I would have to live to be about 895 years old to complete everything I currently have, but it doesn't seem to deter me from buying more. LOL