Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Here's Jessie this morning ha ha

What are you doing to me?

No way mum!!

Have a great Christmas everyone. I have done a little stitching but it's been too hot so I've been colouring. See you all in the new year.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Last TUSAL and a Little Stitching

Busy busy busy time of year, today I hope to get the last of my gifts for people.
Anyway here is my last TUSAL it's been fun and wow did I do some stitching this year.

Here is all of the year 2015 threads together in a box, now they will all go into the bin.

Onto my stitching

I have been working on Mini Pirate and got page 7 all stitched 'happy dance'!

I've started page 10 which is under page 7 as its a easy half page to stitch and my goal is to do it before the year ends. Wish me luck as I'm really into my colouring right now.

Here is page 7 and a little of page 10

As I don't think I will get to post again before Christmas I wish you all a happy one and I will do a post afterwards or if I get page 10 done... Well you get it.


Happy Christmas Stitching!!!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Colouring Angel is born

hi just to let you all know I have a new blog just for my colouring, I will post my 1st colouring very soon and I hope you all will take a look. I'm still cross stitching so will post on it in December.
Happy stitching!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New, old and TUSAL

Where do I begin? 
Lets start with November's TUSAL just one more to go.

Ok Now for the stitching.

Here is more of Sweet Pea before I put her away. She now has legs.

After Sweet Pea, 

I felt like stitching one of my old wips and after looking at them I got out Rose Petal Angel.
But there's a problem I've lost part of the key that tells you what colour to stitch. Lucky that I can go by what I have already done for most of it. You should have seen me hunting for it, it was a mess. lucky I still have the part that tells me the combined colours and the details/back stitch.

As I hope you can see I only did a little on her arm.
I got sidetracked by family and now another gift to stitch. 

Which brings me to a new start called Tiger Reflection
Here is what it will look like

And now

I forgot what it's like to stitch on black. No time limit on this one. 
That's good as it's going away I'm thinking I will now stitch more of Rose Petal Angel or QS April Fairy, I'm not sure yet, maybe both.

Other news my sister is the drawer in the family and I asked her if she would do me a cover for my A2 book. I told her it had to have cross stitch title and fantasy. 
She ended up doing a A3 which I can still work with and left me to colour. 
Here it is. I'm hoping you can see it and no I have not coloured  it yet. I will show you when I have the page A2 done.

On the colouring, so many books are out now for adults to colour and this week I got into it too. So much so that I want to get a few tomorrow when I'm out. Here's the book I have and what I've done.

Pale in the photos, its a little brighter then this.

I've also been thinking about next year as I got my Calendars 

I love Love Love my Fairyland Calendar

Anyway I'm not going to join a group or tell you I'm only going to stitch on this chart because you all know I did not keep that one this year. No I'm just going to stitch and post on what I do. Easy!

Well that's it for me. Happy Stitching!!!  

Monday, November 9, 2015

Blog Hop anyone?

I love finding new blogs as I'm sure most of you do too.

I'm always looking for blogs/people that stitch heven and earth or Joan Elliott and anything fantasy.

The thing is I find a great blog and they stop posting. Oh well.

If you see your blog, I hope your ok with me telling everyone to go to it. If not tell me your blog and I will have a look.

There's one or two that don't have a lot of followers which I can not understand as they stitch really cool charts, so if you like a blog please become a follower.

So have fun! There's also more in my long blog list.

I'm sure there's many more I can put down here but I hope you find a few you did not know about.
Happy stitching!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ideas and sweet pea, oh and Happy Halloween

Hi all
I've been thinking a lot this week as I stitch on sweet pea 'where will I put her?' I don't really have anymore room on my walls. Not only that but I'm already storing picture frames. So I remembered an idea another blogger had of putting them in a big book. Saves space and money, keeps the stitching clean and later I can go get it framed if I want to. It's a win win don't you think. 

I'm thinking I will still get any heaven and earth stitching framed maybe and of course the gifts that I do.

So today I went shopping and got this A2 book

It's A2 which I'm hopeful will fit all my stitching, it has 20 pockets and if I use both sides 40 so lots of stitching. All I need really.

As I was saying I've been stitching sweet pea, not a lot has been done because I got into a really great book and could not put it down.

My mum has been baking cookies for Halloween and they are yum! Just a few little spiders.

On that note I wish everyone a happy scary Halloween for the 31st

Happy stitching!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't be mad

Thanks for all your votes to my last post. 

You all picked mini pirate and I'm with you all in saying I would love to see her all stitched up. 
I did try to stitch her but I just can not get into it right now. Hope you are not all mad at me but you will see her at a later date. 

You also told me you like sweet pea and she is what I'm stitching now. I will show a photo later.

Now for why this post today.

Im in love with a heaven and earth chart, ya another one. Ha ha 

She is called Frost Dragonling and I love her so much that I also got the fabric and dmc from HEAD too. So as soon as I get it in the mail, I will be stitching her. 

Here is what she looks like

I love the colors and dragon. I just wish she did a chart just on the dragons, they are so sweet.

Happy stitching!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm doing it again, and Tusal

 Hi all 
yes I'm doing it again I can not make up my mind on what to stitch. 

Maybe you can help me?

What out of my wip page would you like to see stitched and finished? 

So it's TUSAL time again so let's start with that.

Now let see 

I've been stitching sweet pea. I only just got the rest of the beads and kreinik in the mail, so that's good.

I got out the PR Sal and did a little on step 12.

Just have to do her hair and backstitch.

Then I started working with black on page 1 of QS April Fairy

And today I finished a little one as it was my birthday on the 5th October and I thought this was cute, he is called Monty the bear. He was a free gift with a cross stitch magazine.

So that's it I think. Let me know what you would like to see me stitch now as I still have know idea what I'm going to start stitching.
Happy stitching!!!
Oh and thinks for all your comments they mean a lot to me.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Look who is back

Hi, I've been stitching the Rose of Sharon again.

Here she is before (sorry about the bad photo)

And now, her dress is done.

That's all I'm stitching on her for now. I'm not sure what I will stitch next.

Here are a few photos of Jessie, so cute.

Happy stitching until next time!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015


Not a lot of stitching as I've been sick, and I'm spring cleaning. It's out with the stuff I don't want anymore. It's amazing just how much stuff we keep. Bags of clothes, shoes, CDs, lots of paper and a few nick knacks, all out the door.

Here is my TUSAL 

Happy stitching'!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sweet Pea

Hi not much stitching as I've been sick with a cold but here is sweet pea so far.

I really like her, she also is a nice stitch. Hope to do more today.
Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tusal, pirate and a new start

Hi all, 
Here is my TUSAL, 

Mini pirate page 7. I have only stitched about half. She is on 18 count Aida. 
I got a little bored with her.

My new start is sweet pea fairy by Joan Elliott but I'm not going to stitch her wings so she will just be called sweet pea. I've had to send away for the kreinik and beads so hope to get them soon.

Here she is so far.

And last is my girl Jessie just before a walk. She has grown so fast and is so playful. Loves people but not other dogs oh well better that then the other way round.

Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Happy Stitching!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Page 6

Hi last night I did the last stitch on page 6 mini pirate yay!

I now have 3 full pages and 3 half pages to go.

I also got a new head chart The secret garden

Well I'm now going to stitch page 7 of my pirate 
happy stitching!!!