Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ideas and sweet pea, oh and Happy Halloween

Hi all
I've been thinking a lot this week as I stitch on sweet pea 'where will I put her?' I don't really have anymore room on my walls. Not only that but I'm already storing picture frames. So I remembered an idea another blogger had of putting them in a big book. Saves space and money, keeps the stitching clean and later I can go get it framed if I want to. It's a win win don't you think. 

I'm thinking I will still get any heaven and earth stitching framed maybe and of course the gifts that I do.

So today I went shopping and got this A2 book

It's A2 which I'm hopeful will fit all my stitching, it has 20 pockets and if I use both sides 40 so lots of stitching. All I need really.

As I was saying I've been stitching sweet pea, not a lot has been done because I got into a really great book and could not put it down.

My mum has been baking cookies for Halloween and they are yum! Just a few little spiders.

On that note I wish everyone a happy scary Halloween for the 31st

Happy stitching!!!!


  1. What a great idea , you sweet pea stitching looks great I would have her on show , I cover some of my storage boxes with my stitching which is a good way too.

  2. Great idea for storing those cross stitch pieces. Love Sweet Pea, it's looking lovely. Happy Halloween to you also :)

  3. I've seen this done too and think it's a great way of storing your finished projects cleanly a,d tidily. I'd love to see the book again once you've filled some of the pages. Great progress on Sweet Pea. :)

  4. That's a great way to store finishes. I may have to pinch it!
    Sweet Pea is so pretty though, are you sure you couldn't squeeze her onto the wall?

  5. I've read about storing the finishes in a book and I think it is really good.
    We don't always want to frame our finishes, so this is perfect.
    Sweet Pea is fabulous but those little cake are sooo tempting :)

  6. Aww I love the cookies! Or should I say eek? Lol I'm carving pumpkins tonight. Your stitching is lovely I know about the book it happens to me all the time! I keep rereading the black dagger brotherhood series and the 500 kingdoms series.

  7. Sweet pea is looking lovely. Yummy creepy cookies!

  8. I've been thinking of doing this also - I have a few pieces I loved stitching but for one reason or another I would never hang on my wall - may I ask where you got this?

  9. I got the book in a craft shop where the artist stuff was.

  10. Tracy the Mirabilia Stitcher does this too, it's a great idea.
    I use a scrapbook for my smaller projects. In fact I need to buy another one just for Hallowe'en, I've done so many now!