Friday, November 27, 2015

Colouring Angel is born

hi just to let you all know I have a new blog just for my colouring, I will post my 1st colouring very soon and I hope you all will take a look. I'm still cross stitching so will post on it in December.
Happy stitching!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New, old and TUSAL

Where do I begin? 
Lets start with November's TUSAL just one more to go.

Ok Now for the stitching.

Here is more of Sweet Pea before I put her away. She now has legs.

After Sweet Pea, 

I felt like stitching one of my old wips and after looking at them I got out Rose Petal Angel.
But there's a problem I've lost part of the key that tells you what colour to stitch. Lucky that I can go by what I have already done for most of it. You should have seen me hunting for it, it was a mess. lucky I still have the part that tells me the combined colours and the details/back stitch.

As I hope you can see I only did a little on her arm.
I got sidetracked by family and now another gift to stitch. 

Which brings me to a new start called Tiger Reflection
Here is what it will look like

And now

I forgot what it's like to stitch on black. No time limit on this one. 
That's good as it's going away I'm thinking I will now stitch more of Rose Petal Angel or QS April Fairy, I'm not sure yet, maybe both.

Other news my sister is the drawer in the family and I asked her if she would do me a cover for my A2 book. I told her it had to have cross stitch title and fantasy. 
She ended up doing a A3 which I can still work with and left me to colour. 
Here it is. I'm hoping you can see it and no I have not coloured  it yet. I will show you when I have the page A2 done.

On the colouring, so many books are out now for adults to colour and this week I got into it too. So much so that I want to get a few tomorrow when I'm out. Here's the book I have and what I've done.

Pale in the photos, its a little brighter then this.

I've also been thinking about next year as I got my Calendars 

I love Love Love my Fairyland Calendar

Anyway I'm not going to join a group or tell you I'm only going to stitch on this chart because you all know I did not keep that one this year. No I'm just going to stitch and post on what I do. Easy!

Well that's it for me. Happy Stitching!!!  

Monday, November 9, 2015

Blog Hop anyone?

I love finding new blogs as I'm sure most of you do too.

I'm always looking for blogs/people that stitch heven and earth or Joan Elliott and anything fantasy.

The thing is I find a great blog and they stop posting. Oh well.

If you see your blog, I hope your ok with me telling everyone to go to it. If not tell me your blog and I will have a look.

There's one or two that don't have a lot of followers which I can not understand as they stitch really cool charts, so if you like a blog please become a follower.

So have fun! There's also more in my long blog list.

I'm sure there's many more I can put down here but I hope you find a few you did not know about.
Happy stitching!!!