Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New, old and TUSAL

Where do I begin? 
Lets start with November's TUSAL just one more to go.

Ok Now for the stitching.

Here is more of Sweet Pea before I put her away. She now has legs.

After Sweet Pea, 

I felt like stitching one of my old wips and after looking at them I got out Rose Petal Angel.
But there's a problem I've lost part of the key that tells you what colour to stitch. Lucky that I can go by what I have already done for most of it. You should have seen me hunting for it, it was a mess. lucky I still have the part that tells me the combined colours and the details/back stitch.

As I hope you can see I only did a little on her arm.
I got sidetracked by family and now another gift to stitch. 

Which brings me to a new start called Tiger Reflection
Here is what it will look like

And now

I forgot what it's like to stitch on black. No time limit on this one. 
That's good as it's going away I'm thinking I will now stitch more of Rose Petal Angel or QS April Fairy, I'm not sure yet, maybe both.

Other news my sister is the drawer in the family and I asked her if she would do me a cover for my A2 book. I told her it had to have cross stitch title and fantasy. 
She ended up doing a A3 which I can still work with and left me to colour. 
Here it is. I'm hoping you can see it and no I have not coloured  it yet. I will show you when I have the page A2 done.

On the colouring, so many books are out now for adults to colour and this week I got into it too. So much so that I want to get a few tomorrow when I'm out. Here's the book I have and what I've done.

Pale in the photos, its a little brighter then this.

I've also been thinking about next year as I got my Calendars 

I love Love Love my Fairyland Calendar

Anyway I'm not going to join a group or tell you I'm only going to stitch on this chart because you all know I did not keep that one this year. No I'm just going to stitch and post on what I do. Easy!

Well that's it for me. Happy Stitching!!!  


  1. Everything looks lovely. Great new calendar!

  2. Lovely progress on all your pieces. I like your plans for next year. The "No Plan" plan!

  3. Love your Sweet pea , and Rose Petal Angel just so pretty .
    Hope you find your colour code maybe worth writing to the firm who made the design , hugs .

  4. Great progress! Rose petal angel is so adorable, I hope you get to stitch more on her even without the color key, she's a beauty. Loved your calendars too. I'm still resisting the coloring book temptation, lol, would mean less stitching, but they're so cute!!!

  5. What wonderful progress on the Sweet Pea fairy, and the tiger will be stunning when it's finished:)

  6. All of your projects look great! Welcome to the coloring craze.

  7. Great progress and great colouring! I also like your no-plan-plan for next year. I think more stitchers should follow that to decrease their stress levels! :)

  8. Your ORTs look great and the stitching is lovely. That tiger will be stunning.