Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stitch From Stash March

I've been stitching Qs Opal Fairy or what I call Fairy Wishes.

The rest of page 1
Page 3


I think she is looking great so far, I really like her. I'm going to keep stitching her for now. Hope to get page 3 done and page 4 will not take very long. 

Ok Now with Stitch and Stash I was a bad girl and spent $74.50.
What did I get you ask...

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf

I have been looking at it for ages but was going to get the mini one, the thing is I wanted the detail so thought about the large. It's way to big for me so I ended up getting the reg one. Still big with 45 pages. 
I also got the fabric 18 aida and a few dmc I did not have so I now have to wait for the mail man as I got them online. So I will have everything to start stitching the bookshelf.  

until next time happy stitching!!