Tuesday, November 28, 2017

3 new starts into 1 big finish

Hi stitchers,

I have never stitched a snowman. I have never wanted to, I don't get any snow. Most snowman also have something to do with Christmas but my Christmas is in summer and hot.

So why did I have to stitch 3? Maybe it was the colors.

I'm now over stitching snowman and also beading, so much beading.

3 Jim shore, mill hill kits 

Pinecone snowman 

Snowy owl snowman 

Evergreen snowman 

Fabric is 14 ct Aida snowfall opalescent by sew it all.

Also in November I stitched a little on

Moon sweet moon



And Storykeep seasons


And now, it gone really dark and I don't know it I like it. Not much in the way of how the girl is to look.

That's it. 
Now to get ready for my 25 days of cross stitching. 
Happy stitching!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

25 Days

Hi Stitchers,

This is not a Wip update, but a thought as I was stitching today.

I've been buying a lot of dmc, beads, fabrics and a few chart's lately. It's been fun to top up my stash to go with the kits and charts I already have but when am I going to start it all? 

I find it a bit hard to start things when I have around 19 wips, some I really don't want to stitch most of the time but still like. I really want to start things. 

So my thought was 25 days to Christmas countdown.

Why not do a 25 days cross stitch in December?

25 charts, new, old, wip or new start. One everyday until Christmas 25th.

I've gone over all my cross stitch and found a few all ready or will be when I get stuff in the mail to start stitching.

My 25 will be a mix of old kits, new charts and Wips. (Not all my Wips)

I know most of you will stitch a new start everyday in January but next year I'm thinking for me it will be a year of Wips with a few more new starts and this 25 days of cross stitch will help with that.

So I ask you what you think? Am I crazy, I mean its busy in December and all. 

If you want to join me on the 25 days of cross stitch, it will start the 1st of December, blog about it, and also let me know in the comments so I can see what you all stitch. Up to you.

So my next update will be the end of November and then I will start the 25 days, don't think I will blog about it everyday, see what happens.

Please let me know what you think and hope you join me in 25 days of cross stitch.

Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Zenia is Finished

Hi stitchers, I put in the last bead today. 
In the picture they are a little, well they don't line up but they moved on me and they just need a little push back into line. The beads that is. Anyway she is done.

I changed one dmc from 524 to 367 as it was to light on the fabric. 

Here she is

One down and 3 to go. One day.

Oh and I got a comment about using my iPad to blog. I use a app called blogger for all my posting and when I need to do my finish page I use the normal behind the scenes Google part. Does that make sense.

I also think everyone else for your comments, love them.

Happy Stitching!!!