Monday, August 28, 2017

The Queen is Finished

Hi stitchers

Between all the housework, baking a banana bread and everyday stuff I got stitching and beading done.

She is done. The Queen Mermaid is finished.

She is so pretty and it's the first time I've used crystal treasures. 

Today well this year I'm into Halloween charts, I don't know why because it's so not my thing but this year I really like them. Maybe flosstube has a part in it because so may stitchers are doing them.

I have my Halloween magic one I'm just waiting on the fabric to come, I hope soon.

Today I got 4, yes 4 Nora Corbett bewitching pixies charts and also got the beads and dmc for one of them from 123 stitch. Just have to get fabric.

Their fantasy right. You know thats what I stitch. 

I have no Halloween stitching done, never wanted to until now. 

So ya I'm thinking my rotation is going out the window soon.

Until the end of the week update happy stitching!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two new starts

Hi stitchers

I'm cutting this week short as I want a few extra days to get the queen mermaid finished.
I hope this will be ok with you all.

This week I could not choose between two so thought I would stitch both.

1st up is a kit called The Fairy And The Dove. 
I'm using everything in the kit, I think it's 14 count cream Aida fabric.

What she will look like

I'm thinking of not stitching the border, I like her without it. What do you think?

Oh and I have to say the dove looks more like a duck to me.

Here is my progress 

She was hard to put down.

Next is a chart I have wanted to start for ages but never had all the dmc blues at the same time until now. 

It's called Veronique la Fee and Robyn the Majestic Dragon,
I'm just going to call it Robyn The Majestic Dragon.

I also got the 18 count black Aida fabric when I got the chart. I think it will look great on black.

Here is what it will look like

And after one day and a bit.

It's part of the wing.

So that's it, hope to now get out the queen mermaid and get her finished.
Happy Stitching!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Not a good week

Hi stitchers
This week I got sick with a cold so I've only stitched a few hours if that. 
I'm now starting to feel better so hope to pick up my stitching for week 4.

I don't have a before photo of mini pirate as the last one I took was of the page I was working on only so sorry about that.

I had a goal this week to finish page 8 which did not happen. Oh well.

Here she is now

Better week next week I hope. 
Happy Healthy Stitching!!!

Friday, August 11, 2017


Hi stitchers

Week 2 was Passione Ricamo week and I stitched Moon Sweet Moon.

I had a goal this week to finish step 2 and I did that with a little more. Yay me.


And now

It will been nice now to stitch with everyday DMC

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Off With Her Head

Hi stitchers

I have been stitching the queen mermaid and I'm so happy with the progress I've made this week.

Warning she doesn't have a head, ya a Queen without her head. Lol


And now

She will get her head in a few weeks time, or maybe sooner, not sure.

I see the finish line with her but want to stitch on other charts, a little rotation if you will.

One chart per week for maybe four weeks and again, we will see how it goes. It can change.

I also hope to blog once a week now, so you can see any progress I make or not.

A few new starts will also happen as I go. 

Lots to come, Wips, new starts, heaven and earth, and a few old ones maybe.

Till next week Happy Stitching!!!!