Monday, March 12, 2018

My Stitchy Week

Hi stitchers, how was your stitchy week? Great I hope.

Here's mine 

Monday and Tuesday I put lots of DMC onto bobbins and even now I'm still finding more I have to bobbin. Sign just when you think it's over...

Wednesday I felt like a new start (stitch all the things right) so 

Home of a needleworker by Little house Needleworks.

I'm using all called for Classic colorworks thread and fabric is 16 count Mello Aida by picture this plus. I love the color of this fabric but don't think much on the Aida, it will do and because of the color I might get more in the future.

Here is what it will look like

And my little start of the house 

Thursday and Friday I stitched another new start, this one is from the world of cross stitching magazine  issue 259. It's a Seahorse, I'm not stitching the background, just the seahorse and I love her. So bright.

Stitching with called for DMC and kreinik backstitch when I get there.
Fabric is 16 count Aida wild flower opalescent by sew it all.

Here's what she will look like

And what I've done so far, love her.

Saturday and Sunday was busy with housework and friends but I still got to stitch on my rotation project Halloween Quaker.

Here is before 

And now with the big motif done, it's progress. 

Have you seen the new Christmas one, it's on the way to me.
Plan is to finish the Halloween Quaker and stitch this Christmas one next year, or as soon as the Halloween one is done.
Now if only she did a Easter one I would be jumping up and down.

That's  it for my week, Thanks for all your comments, I love each and every one. 
Happy Stitching!!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cross Stitch, It's Fun Challenge (long post)

Hi stitchers.

MichelleBendy on flosstube and now she does a blog is doing a 30 day challenge on Instagram 
tag #crossstitchitsfun. I'm not on Instagram but today I thought it would be fun to do all 30 days in one.

Why not join me and do this on your blog too, in 30 days or like me in 1. It's just for fun!

Let's get started...

1. Selfie. No Sorry not doing this one.

2. Oldest Wip. That would be Leonardo, I don't know when I started but years ago.

3. Stitching Buddy. Well Jessie is never around when I'm stitching so that would be my angel bear Mia I got from a friend.

4. Another Hobby. Adult Coloring, here is all my books, pages are colored here and there.

5. 321 

6. New Start. This week I started two but will show you in weekly Monday post. Here is one of them.

7. Favorite Sal. Right now it would be Moon Sweet Moon by Passione Ricamo. I need to work on it more.

8. Favorite Needleminder. I only have 4 but the one I use most is still in the plastic, I like it that way.

9. Today's stitching spot.

10. Favorite color. Blues and greens. This thread is waterlilies 207 Bermuda reef for a upcoming project. So pretty.

11. Stitching goal for the year. Mine is to finish Lizzie Kate's 3 little words and holiday spirit, also finish mini pirate and maybe Halloween Quaker.

12. Hot Bevergae. Hot Chocolate, I don't drink coffee or tea.

13. On the go project. The only one I have traveled with is let it snow

14. Favorite Wip. This is a hard one but right now my other new start this week Seahorse. Hard to put down. Again see more Monday.

15. Favorite Finish. My QS Opal Fairy by heaven and earth designs, my chart was in the world of cross stitching magazine part one and two.

16. Storage. I keep most of my things in drawers

17. Designer. I like Joan Elliott, heaven and earth designs, Mirabilia, Nora Corbett, Passione Ricamo and Shannon Wasilieff.

18. What are you stitching today. Halloween Quaker 

19. Rotation. Lizzie Kate words week, Halloween Quaker, mini pirate and anything else I want to stitch that month as long as I get to stitch the main ones.

20. Number of Wips. Right now 42 wow how did that happen. Got to get stitching!.

21. Stash. Here are my charts and books. Not all my stash as I have kits I haven't started.

22. 310

23. Favorite Theme. I love fantasy.  Fairys, Mermaids, witches, Dragons.

24. Fibers. I think this means threads, mostly DMC but this year I've been using a lot of classic colorworks.

25. Fabric. My go to is 16 count Aida in lots of color ways as it gives room for beads, which a lot of my projects have. 14 count is to big for this and 18 to small. I do like stitching on 18 count Aida when no beads.

26. Hoop, Frame, or Qsnap. I stitch in hand but if I need to I will use all 3, and have.

27. Needles. I like using size 28 for cross stitch and a size 10 for backstitch and beading.

28. Sparkles. I have both kreinik and treasure braid but I like kreinik better as it's thicker and covers better. Whatever the chart calls for.

29. Beads. Most are mill hill, this is just one box. Like I said most of my projects have beads.

And last one 30. Specialty Stitches. I don't have a lot of charts for this, here is what I have and my finish. I also have 2 chatelaine charts on the way to me. Don't know when I will stitch them.

End of challenge.
It was fun to do today. I hope you all enjoyed my answers.

Now I challenge you!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Words Week

Hi stitchers, thanks for all your comments.

Words week is back around with my rotation. It was hard. I think I'm over stitching words but if I stop my goal, they will just sit for years in a drawer not getting stitched. So I pushed myself, it helps that I'm doing them for the smalls sal.

So 3 little words by Lizzie Kate part 2

My monthly one. I used Weeks Dye Works Celebration. It's Easter, I thought the colors were right. I want to get a Easter charm or button.

My next Holiday Spirit by Lizzie Kate. All the white will now be DMC 318. I think it will work.

Still have the stocking one to fix. 

This week I've also been putting dmc floss on bobbins, I have a lot. I think I will be doing it this week too.

I thought I would also show a photo of Jessie, its be awhile since the last one.

I'm getting things in the mail that I brought and I want to stitch them all. 
We will see what happens this week. Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 26, 2018

A Pixie Blossom

Hi stitchers, thanks for all your nice comments.

This week when I had time, I stitched Wisteria by Nora Corbett
I started her in my 25 days of cross stitch in December.

Here is before and what she will look like

And now

I hope to get back to her in March but we will see.
Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Smalls Sal February

Hi stitchers, how's it going?

So for February Smalls I've stitched the following 

Blue Chick by mill hill. A Easter gift for my sister.

3 Little Words by Lizzie Kate. Sad she announced her retirement. I just got into her charts. I have the ones I wanted and one will hopefully still get posted to me, so I'm good. Her charts are going fast.

Holiday spirit word by Lizzie Kate 

And last is my word month stitched with Weeks Dye Works Bethlehem 

So that's it. Happy Stitching everyone and thanks for all your comments.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Quaker And A Fairy Finish

Hi stitchers

The start of the week I didn't get a lot of stitching time so not a lot on my Halloween Quaker.


And now

I was to stitch the Quaker all week but I felt like a finish and something purple because of my stitchy box that I got.

Here is my Fairy finish by Shannon Wasilieff, it was in the world of cross stitching magazine.

This is the magazine picture to show you that I didn't do all the beads around her and the string thing at the butt. I used over a pack of mill hill 02010 beads as is and didn't want to get more. I don't think it really needs it anyway. 

I love her, so pretty. 
Thanks for all your comments, I now try and answer any questions under the comment. So if you have asked me something this year look in the comments please. 
Untill next time
Happy Stitching!!!