Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Just to say

Hi friends 
To Kay I tried using the blogger main page before saying this was it. As Like you had hoped I could still blog that way but it's the same and will not let me post pictures. The same error pops up. I will look up that blog thou.
still have the problem when I get a new iPad and not use this one. delete the app I'm going to lose everything on here. 
I miss blogging and everybody already and it's only been a few days. I wish I could show you that because of all this I needed a new start and started miss moss, which is what's on the chart, but I think she's really called miss moth by Nora Corbett that's after a few days of not being able to even look at my stitching. This has hit me bad, which for me is a weird thing. It's only a blog after all but after doing it so long...
The only thing I can do is when I do get a new iPad which will have to be in a few weeks because of cost that I start all over again with a new blog, new blog name and maybe even a new email. 
I Will not delete this blog until I know for sure what I'm going to do, so I can try to keep everyone that wants to know updated. 
Thanks to everyone and your comments. 
Until then look for me on Instagram #crossstitchangel
Happy stitching 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Update if your still with me

Hi my friends. I've taken a breath and been looking around trying to find a way to fix my blog. 
I've found out a lot of bad news so here's my update.

Error 400 started to show up on blogs around 2013 to 2015/16 lots of people where having problems posting with pictures asking Google to fix it. I think because some blogs got fixed and others did not, that many just left their blogs.
Maybe that's why the blogs that I loved to follow around that time just stopped blogging. Just sayin.
Anyway what I got was that it was never really fixed.

I found on a web page that Google stopped using apps, that they pulled, canceled all apps to blogger and the ones still running, they were not fixing apps, if something went wrong. Back in 2015/16 I think. Around the time many had this error show up. I looked on my app and it was last updated 2017 so I guess the above is true and Google have dropped apps.

Google left iPads, phones and such and just updated blogger on computers. 

I found out this must be true because I could not find the app I've been using all this time anywhere. Apps that can be used for blogger are not by Google and there's not that many. 

As my iPad which I use for my blog is now under "old" did you know iPads have a expired date cos until it stopped updating iOS I didn't. I just needed 1 more update and I would still be fine but it stopped updating at 9.5 or 9.8. We are now going into iOS 12 I think. Maybe another reason why the error 400.

I can't get any of the blogger apps because you need iOS 10 or later, like I said just one more update and I would have been fine with a lot of apps still. 

Even if I could have got a new app I found another problem.

If I delete the blogger app that I have been using all this time, I delete everything, every post, picture, word everything that's on my blog. 

Ya not good hay.

So even if I do save up and get a new iPad my blog is going to be gone. How that for bad.

I've thought about what I want to do...

I could try a new blog site. And I did. I want to Wordpress but they so want you to buy in that the free part was not working for me, I didn't like it and it didn't like my iPad so I got out of there. 

I could get a new iPad (which I will one day) start all over with a new blog as my app blogger will delete all the old as most will be gone anyway but this will happen again I'm sure. 

Or I give up blogging and use Instagram which is free, I can use this iPad with no problems and maybe when, if I get a new iPad I could go on Facebook like so many have.

I still can't find how to fix the error 400 but after looking into other blog sites they all say we give you this storage for you posts so maybe I'm at full with pictures. But even if that's true and I find a way to delete the old ones I'm still back here with all the other problems.

Blogger is now made to be used on a computer not iPad. I have a computer but can't get on it cos of family. Plus I like iPad. 

So Instagram it is from now on, I don't see the point of trying to find a fix that I can't find. 
To find me go to #crossstitchangel or #treasuresofthedeepsal and click on one of my photos, not many there. My little profile picture is of a black angel.
Yes Kay you really should go to Instagram, it's easy to use and free.
Later as I said I might do the Facebook thing but not right now.

So that's it, I will delete this and my other finished blog around the end of February.
It's been great blogging for you all and I will still try and comment on your blogs so I will still be around. 
If your not on Instagram I hope you will join, and look me up, there's some amazing cross stitch on it.

One last thing to the following lady's 
June at butterfly wings
Rachel at ten hour stitcher
Alicia at the crafty princess 
Katie at Jeremiah's mom
Sasha at craftysasha
Lynda at purple pixie dust

Lady's a big thank you for all your comments over the years.
Can I get your addresses please at

That's it my last post ever, it's sad to say goodbye after doing this since 2012. 
Happy stitching and I hope I will see you on Instagram. 

Oh and Elaine to answer your question the picture of the lady with owl was a free wallpaper but it would look great as a cross stitch I hope you can find it or see if you can copy from this blog. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

1 hour later

I'm done, I don't know what I'm doing and it's still not working so unless you can help me that's it for my blog sorry to say. I have loved blogging but it now looks like it doesn't love me back. 
So Instagram it is for now I'm under cross stitch angel if you want to find me. 
If I start a new blog, I will try and let you know and if you can help me fix I will tell you that too.
Thanks for everything 

Blogger Problem

Hi my friends, I don't know why now but I've tried to post 4 times and it comes up with error 400. When I add photos. Hope this will load. I've looked it up and have not found a fix. Has this happened to you? Thinking I might have to go else where. See if I can fix or not. Let you know.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Hi my Stitchy friends. How has your week been?

My rotation is still going strong I'm happy to say. It was not easy at the start of the week. 
Fairy of the wind by Joan Elliott came in the mail, I got her as a kit from polstitches designs, so has everything. The fabric, dmc, kreinik and beads all to start and finish her. I so wanted to start her.
No money in my money box as I ordered before Christmas 2018. 
On the same day I found out about the 2019 Free Sal by called a peacocks garden. It starts with a big peacock and a new part comes out every month this year. You can still get the 2017 and 2018 sals free too, but they are not my thing. You need to have a look.
I was very good and didn't start them, they are put away until my wheel tells me new start or I finish a wip in my rotation and I want to start and finish. That's how I'm going right now.

Stitching this week

Friday to Sunday was mini pirate and I'm very happy with my progress as I was in confetti hell. I think that's why I stopped stitching last year because I'm in confetti. I have another bit to get over with because of her hair and then it will be mostly block stitching. I'm not looking forward to the confetti tomorrow but it does look good.

Here's before 

And now.
I stitched at the side of her arm, with the water and rock. Tomorrow I start on her hair, that's on the other side of her arm. That's the plan.

Monday to today was Forever and ever and again I'm happy with my progress. I stitched one of the birds so yay me. 

Here's before 

And now, slowly making that circle.

This week I got a gift in the mail. A late Christmas gift from Lynda her blog is purple pixie dust. Thank you so much Lynda. I love them. They will come out next year for sure and that you made them is amazing. Thank you so much. Hope you don't mind me telling everyone.

Rachel, her blog is Ten Hour Stitcher is starting a Sal for fully finishing your projects. 
Great idea, I'm sure we all have lots to fully finish. If you want to join go to her amazing blog.

Sadly I won't be joining in the fun. A long time ago I would finish everything, I do mean all my big projects in frames, too many to hang up even now, and I did a scrapbook for the smalls and what I gave away over the many years I've been stitching. What I'm saying is I now have no room. I love stitching so now everything goes in a drawer or box unless it's a gift. Until last year most of what I stitch are big. So I will just watch everybody's fully finished pictures. I need a bigger house. Lol.
Thanks Rachel for getting everyone to fully finish, I love seeing what other people do. Looking back I would have done things differently and not framed everything, just the ones I really loved. Oh well.

Another thing that's going around is stitch 9 challenge. You pick 9 Wips to finish in 2019.
I have my 4 that's in my rotation 
Mini pirate 
Forever and ever 
Treasures of the deep Sal
Halloween Quaker 

As for the other 5 I don't know but my wheel picked

Quaker mermaid 
Holiday spirit 
Earth angel
Sea flora

What do you think, should I try and get them finished next in my rotation? Try for the 9?

I also have good news, I talked about a few posts back that a fabric order was not addressed right so I didn't get my fabric. Well after many emails they have now sent me my order again with the right address, I hope to get it soon. Yay. Better late then never. Don't know if I will go to them again though.

Plans this coming week

I'm still stitching every day on my colours of the day wip, it's still fun to me.
Friday to Sunday is mini pirate, it's going to be hot again so we will see how much gets done. My weather keeps going up and down.
Monday I'm doing a tiny little Sal with Katie, her blog is Jeremiah's mom. We are stitching a mill hill kit we both have called sea turtle. A little bit of fun that we both stitch a mill hill, on the same day a world apart.
Tuesday if needed finish the turtle and then onto Treasures of the deep Sal until Thursday.
Then I'm back blogging to you my friends.
Of course life is in all that too. It's been up and down lately.
Until next time
Happy stitching!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Welcome To 2019!!!

Happy New Year my stitchy friends.

So after my last post, there was a few days left to 2018. 
I stitched a little on treasures of the deep Sal border and got 3 circles done all ready for more mermaids. It's just gold kreinik border so I'm not going to show you.
I also got my dads cold. New Year's Eve was in bed with a box of tissues, My shaker dog Jessie who was scared and watching the fireworks on tv.
I also played with 28 count evenweave because of my new year start and I'm glad I did. I found out I hate 28 count 1 over 1. Lucky and thanks to Alicia @thecraftyprincess she gave me 25 count easy guide fabric so I could still do my new year start. I like 1 over 1 on 25 count.
I also played around on my blog and hope you like my changes, it was time for something new. I'm still not sure on a few things but for now I'm happy.

So here's my New Years start. what she will one day look like
The funny thing today I saw design works has a kit of this picture and it's horrible well I think it is.
I guess I will find out if my one turns out better.

And around 3 days stitching not full days mind you.

The blocks are 20 by 20 with 1 over 1 as I'm stitching it so each block is 400 stitchers, that right...
I'm not really using the guide. I'm used to counting and stitching so still find myself just stitching as if the lines are not there. It is nice when I cover a block and know it's 400 stitches though. Lol

I also decided on something fun to do over the year. I remember a few years ago I watched the stash Queen on flosstube and every day she would put 1 stitch  or bead or whatever thread for that day on fabric and at the end of the year she could see some of the colours she used or beads.

On the 1st January I started my colours of the day wip. 
Every day I do 1 cross of that colour or thread or bead. If I only use 1 thread or 2 and backstitch will be / and not a cross so everything is covered. 
You know how many times you can change colours in a day so this is going to be fun to see at the end of 2019. 
I don't think I will keep showing you this every week unless you tell me in the comments that you want me to. 
Here is the 3 days of stitching lots of purples

This week I've also wanted to start a rotation. Yes I know, been there done that but I really want to make it work this year.

My rotation is this

Week 1,Monday to Thursday work on any heaven and earth (I want to start 2 more but will see).
Weekends Friday to Sunday work on mini pirate until done then another Project.
Week 2, Monday to Thursday work on forever and ever, if finish another songbird starts.
Week 3 Monday to Thursday work on treasures of the deep Sal until done then another project 
Week 4 Monday to Thursday work on Halloween Quaker until done then another project 
And if a week 5 Monday to Thursday get my tiny decisions app to pick out of a few Wips I would like to see progress on or even finished and or started.
Every day my colours of the day wip.

My rotation is based around the Wips I really want to get done and finished and when I pick a new one to put in that's how I will pick. Wips I want to see done this year. I have a few I really really want done in 2019. 

Now I've heard that tomorrow is going to get 40c or for my friends 104f or higher, it is summer but when it's that hot I don't really stitch and mini pirate is a small blanket so might be a mill hill kit or no stitching or I could try a little on pirate until I'm too hot. Who knows. Guess you will find out next week how that goes. Until then happy stitching everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Ending 2018 With A Bang!

Hi stitchers, my last post for 2018. I'm sure every year goes faster then the one before. 
How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was ok, it could have been worse. 
I did get a great money box, I put my $5.00 in for my New Years start.

It's a little like a picture frame at the back, with glass in the front. I'm thinking I could put a nice picture on the back if I wanted to. Love it.

Talking about my money box I'm adding that if I start a mill hill kit it's just 5 cents and not $5.00 as they are small. Only mill hill kits though.

So I'm all set for my money box for 2019.

Let's get into this week before the end of year stuff.

Just before Christmas I got a stitchy gift from Kay and oh my god

She gave me the Christmas elf fairy chart that I was going to get in 2019 after seeing it a lot this Christmas. How did she know? How did you know Kay? I'm still amazed by it and so thankful. Thank you again Kay. 

Just before Christmas I also got my beads that I've been waiting on sooooo

I have a finish Miss Black Swallowtail by Nora Corbett is done, yay happy dance!!!

Here's before 

A bit dark so took another photo. I tried to take a few close ones too but too dark. Sorry. 

I love her. Not sure if I will get any others now I've stitch the two.

Over Christmas I stitched on Minerva by Nora Corbett. I had a little goal to finish the side I was working on and I did. When I reached that goal I didn't want to stitch on her anymore.

Here is before 

And now

I love the colours in her the teals and dark blue.

Next I wanted a new start but the one I picked I should not have started. 
Oh well I saved myself $5.00 ha ha

It was Earth Angel by Lavender and Lace. (I just was not in the mood for her)

Stitched on 32ct evenweave rainbow cloud by sew it all
Not a lot got done.

The weather has been up and down but it got hot by the end of this week and so I wanted to stitch something summer.

Mill hill kit shades and I finished it yesterday after stitching it most of the day with the fan going. Love how bright it is.

Like I said finish 2018 with a bang!

I would like to now say a big huge thank you to everyone that has come to my blog to look at what I'm stitching. Who has become a follower of my blog. Everyone that has taken the time to leave me a comment and a huge thank you to the lady's that comment on every post that I put up. 
I would also like to thank the lady's that have given me a stitchy gift this year. Oh my god, I was so touched that you would do that for me. I feel this year I have made some really great stitchy friends so a big thanks to everyone and I hope your all back with me in 2019.

Looking back on 2018.

I stitched my heart out this year lol.

I joined the smalls sal but sadly could not log in the last 3 months because of changes.
It was fun to do but looking back, it has turned my year into stitching a lot of smalls. Not that it's a bad thing but my normal is medium and big charts with only a few small ones in the mix. I started buying a lot of smaller charts and stitched a lot of them. 
Looking back I haven't touched a lot of my bigger charts, Wips that I love. 

I guess you could say 2018 was for stitching smalls.

Now the following is not 100 percent but it's close.
In 2018
I had 58 New Starts
I had 34 Finishes (the 12 months I did is counted as 1)
Right now with the end of 2018 I have 63 Wips but it might be less because of ones that are on a big hold or I what to re start at a later date. I'm one that keeps it until.... So it all gets counted.

Lots of stitching people, lots of stitching.

In 2019 I want to get back to my bigger projects and get my Wips down too. 
I will still be starting things. I don't think you will see as much finished. 
My plans are to stitch what I want and get things done. 
And my money box, notebook fun.

A few days left until the new year, I will make sure I don't start or finish anything lol. 
I wish you all a Happy Safe, Lots Of Stitching New Year!!!

See you in 2019 and Happy Stitching!!!!