Friday, December 28, 2018

Ending 2018 With A Bang!

Hi stitchers, my last post for 2018. I'm sure every year goes faster then the one before. 
How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was ok, it could have been worse. 
I did get a great money box, I put my $5.00 in for my New Years start.

It's a little like a picture frame at the back, with glass in the front. I'm thinking I could put a nice picture on the back if I wanted to. Love it.

Talking about my money box I'm adding that if I start a mill hill kit it's just 5 cents and not $5.00 as they are small. Only mill hill kits though.

So I'm all set for my money box for 2019.

Let's get into this week before the end of year stuff.

Just before Christmas I got a stitchy gift from Kay and oh my god

She gave me the Christmas elf fairy chart that I was going to get in 2019 after seeing it a lot this Christmas. How did she know? How did you know Kay? I'm still amazed by it and so thankful. Thank you again Kay. 

Just before Christmas I also got my beads that I've been waiting on sooooo

I have a finish Miss Black Swallowtail by Nora Corbett is done, yay happy dance!!!

Here's before 

A bit dark so took another photo. I tried to take a few close ones too but too dark. Sorry. 

I love her. Not sure if I will get any others now I've stitch the two.

Over Christmas I stitched on Minerva by Nora Corbett. I had a little goal to finish the side I was working on and I did. When I reached that goal I didn't want to stitch on her anymore.

Here is before 

And now

I love the colours in her the teals and dark blue.

Next I wanted a new start but the one I picked I should not have started. 
Oh well I saved myself $5.00 ha ha

It was Earth Angel by Lavender and Lace. (I just was not in the mood for her)

Stitched on 32ct evenweave rainbow cloud by sew it all
Not a lot got done.

The weather has been up and down but it got hot by the end of this week and so I wanted to stitch something summer.

Mill hill kit shades and I finished it yesterday after stitching it most of the day with the fan going. Love how bright it is.

Like I said finish 2018 with a bang!

I would like to now say a big huge thank you to everyone that has come to my blog to look at what I'm stitching. Who has become a follower of my blog. Everyone that has taken the time to leave me a comment and a huge thank you to the lady's that comment on every post that I put up. 
I would also like to thank the lady's that have given me a stitchy gift this year. Oh my god, I was so touched that you would do that for me. I feel this year I have made some really great stitchy friends so a big thanks to everyone and I hope your all back with me in 2019.

Looking back on 2018.

I stitched my heart out this year lol.

I joined the smalls sal but sadly could not log in the last 3 months because of changes.
It was fun to do but looking back, it has turned my year into stitching a lot of smalls. Not that it's a bad thing but my normal is medium and big charts with only a few small ones in the mix. I started buying a lot of smaller charts and stitched a lot of them. 
Looking back I haven't touched a lot of my bigger charts, Wips that I love. 

I guess you could say 2018 was for stitching smalls.

Now the following is not 100 percent but it's close.
In 2018
I had 58 New Starts
I had 34 Finishes (the 12 months I did is counted as 1)
Right now with the end of 2018 I have 63 Wips but it might be less because of ones that are on a big hold or I what to re start at a later date. I'm one that keeps it until.... So it all gets counted.

Lots of stitching people, lots of stitching.

In 2019 I want to get back to my bigger projects and get my Wips down too. 
I will still be starting things. I don't think you will see as much finished. 
My plans are to stitch what I want and get things done. 
And my money box, notebook fun.

A few days left until the new year, I will make sure I don't start or finish anything lol. 
I wish you all a Happy Safe, Lots Of Stitching New Year!!!

See you in 2019 and Happy Stitching!!!!


  1. Happy New Year, here is to another year of beautiful stitching. x

  2. Happy New Year. I did a lot of small stitching this year too. But I did work on some of my larger pieces. I like a mix. Just need to mix a little better haha. Good luck in 2019! Good luck with your goals and sticking to not starting much or as you say starting what you want to start. I'm the same way. I have a pile of things I know I will start and then I have a HUGE pile of things I could start haha. It's been fun getting to know you this year.

  3. I love your new money box and off to a great start to building towards stitchy dreams.

    Congrats on finishing Black Swallowtail she looks beautiful. I love the colours in the lower wings.

    34 finishes is a fantastic achievement. Good job stunner. Looking forward to your shenanigans in 2019

    xo Alicia

  4. You had a great week of stitching and finishing there. Everything looks awesome!
    Good luck with your money box and your 2019 plans. Happy New Year and here's to continued stitching fun. Cheers! :)