Friday, July 26, 2013

Craft & Quilt Fair

Hi, Yesterday I went to the craft and quilt fair that is on in the city until 28th July. It's the only craft fair I have gone to over the year's but Melbourne has 2. I don't go every year but this year I saved up for it as I have the cross stitch bug big time. 

So want did I get:

1st I would like to say all the fabric I got are from Sewitall, they were so nice and helpful that when I got charts I went back to them. A link is on the left.

As soon as I got there I got fabric for a few Heaven and earth charts that I have:

Faces of faery 164 Got 18 Aida off white
World of the sea turtles got 18 Aida Green
QS april fairy got 18 off white (she is now really to stitch as I also have the DMC)
And I've put in a order and paid for 18 Aida swallow opal for my chart Pocket white tiger

So looking around and not in any order of who I got them from this is what I also got charts too

All are Mirabilia Designs in this photo

The south seas mermaid and 16 Aida Bottlebrush
Mermaids of the deep blue and 16 Aida Mist forest
Emerald Mermaid and 16 Aida Honeysuckle
The Queen Mermaid and 16 Aida Azalea

Kits are 
The Fairy and the dove
Fall Fairy
Woodland Entrantress

Chart's and fabrics as I did not want to use what was with them
Santa with 16 Aida snowflake sparkle
Mom and me butterfly with 16 Aida blue
Lilac fairy with off white 16 Aida sparkle 

And I got a little bit of other stuff that is not cross stitch.
So I think I did very well.

Now I know I told you I was stitching Fairy wish's and I did a little but the pirate was calling my name so I've been stitching page 1 only it's not there yet. I was hoping to show you when I did this post but it's not to be. 

Now I have so much to stitch and so many on the go already I think I will see after I've done page 1 of the pirate as I'm so close. What will it be next, a old one or new......

Happy stitching!!!   

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Birdie

Hi, I just had to take a break on fairy wishes/Qs Opal Fairy to stitch this little bird that was with a cross stitch mag I got.

Happy stitching!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Angel's And Fairy's

Hi, Well I've had enough of the angel for now. Lots of half stitch and I was getting sick of it. She is looking good I think. I will get back to her soon. Here is a pic so far.

So I've got a new start. It's a heaven and earth that was in The world of cross stitching mag. They call it fairy wishes and I'm going to keep the name. Here is what she will look like. I have just started her so it might be a while till my next post, when I get a page done.

I really have to stop with the new start's and stitch what I have going.
Happy Stitching!!