Thursday, November 21, 2013

Page 5 QS April Fairy

Been stitching the rest of page 5 of QS April Fairy and it's now all done. 

Happy stitching!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Emerald Mermaid

Hi all, Sorry It's been a while posting, it's been busy.

I would like to take the time to say a BIG thank you to Monique from cross stitch ramblings for telling people about this blog, it was such a nice thing to do, so thank you and if you have not seen her blog yet you need to go now, right now!.

So I've been stitching a little here and there and I got Emerald Mermaid all done, yay.

Before I show you the photo's, I would like to say I've made a few changes. 
I mis counted two times and when I found out it was too late or I just did not what to go back and fix it, so I just made it mine. I don't think you can tell unless you know the chart really well. It still works and I think it still looks good. 
Another change I made was her hair, when I did the beads I did not like it, I think it was too over the top so I took most of the hair beads out and filled in with the dark brown and I like it better this way. 
So now the photos:

Just the Mermaid
With the seaweed
Hair with the beads
Hair without the beads (much better)
Total all done

So I hope you like her and I'm now onto the next, I just don't know what it will be yet. 
Happy stitching!!!