Thursday, August 30, 2018

Smalls Sal August

Hi everybody, here's all my smalls in photos for August and I have a few.

I also have a giveaway going up the top if you have not seen it yet, more then welcome to enter.
Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

7 New Starts In 7 Days

Hi stitchers, how was your week? Thanks for all your comments, it was nice to hear how you stored your dmc threads. Don't forget time is ticking away for my giveaway! So put your name down.

As I hunted down all my dmc from my projects last week, I saw all the projects I have just waiting to be started. 

Got me thinking what am I waiting for? And plus they are taking up space.

So call me crazy but I thought as I can't stay on any one project right now, why not start 7 new ones.

And I had fun!!! I loved it. 

My week of new starts begins.

Sunday I got out a kit, that I'm always picking up and putting back down. Do you have that?
It's a Vervaco kit called butterfly fairy and I'm stitching with all the kit. Pale purple 14 count Aida is not bad for a kit.

Here's what it will look like

And her arm, it's a bit pale but I haven't put in the darker colors yet.

The only problem with this kit is the chart, it's the size of Jessie's dog bed, no really. It's big and I don't make copies of charts. Have to be careful with it.

Monday A chart To the beach and back, by needle bling designs, stitched on 16 count lambs wool Aida. I'm going to use a few charms I got in a stitchy box on this one too.

Tuesday was Welcome to the forest, by country cottage needle works, stitched on 18 count white Aida. I'm also stitching this different from others I've seen. I'm not going two by two down but 3 to the left and 3 to the right of the banner, I'm going to join all the grass together and I'm not stitching the borders. It will be one long picture. 

Wednesday was Wicked by Barbara Ana designs, stitched on 18 count ivory Aida. Not much tonight as I was watching tv more then stitching. Great tv night for me Wednesday's.

Thursday A Mirabilia Renaissance mermaid (she's in my mermaid bag now) stitched on 16 count Aida oceans tide by fabrics by Stephanie. Love this fabric. Photo doesn't show fabric that true, it's a little darker in spots not all one color.

Was not sure about the blue kreinik but it will work, looks better in person.

Friday was Stitching in quilt by Cuoree e batticuore, stitched 16 count Mello Aida. This one I can't wait to get back to.

And the border around the first block. So many hearts.

Saturday was ornamental joy by country cottage needleworkes. Stitched on a scrap Aida by stitches and spice way back when. 14 count I think. Again photo bad it's more gold brown with bits of pink, and it's a opal.

That was my stitchy week. 

I also got stitchy kindness in the mail this week from Kay. Thank you again.
I have plans for the light blue Aida fabric already. I'm using the pin cushion which she made me. Wow just wow. That you took the time. Thank you!!!

Plans yes I have them this week

7 new starts in 7 days part 2.
In September I must stitch on my pirate heaven and earth if I'm to get it finished this year. Maybe that's all I will stitch in September. We will see.

Happy stitching!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

When A Wip Calls

Hi stitchers, thanks for all your comments.

This week the plan was to stitch on a new start only but it didn't workout that way.

My new start was Craft Room ( what I'm calling it) by Cuoree e batticuore

I'm stitching it on 16 count Aida green cloud opalescent which is not showing in the photo, but it's a light green.

Here's my start, I worked my way up to the sign at the top.

After a day or so a wip was calling me, so out came spring topiary garden.

Here's before

And more on the garden part.

Again I was going to stay with it but after a few days I moved onto treasures of the deep Sal. I stitched the June mermaid and I so want to start the beading, we will see soon.

So it looks like I can only stitch on something for a few days and I'm mostly just picking anything to stitch. I guess it's the mood I'm in.

Today Saturday I went over my DMC. I needed room and I want a master set to work from, I'm buying too many of the same color. I got all the dmc out of my projects, and went over what I had in my DMC little drawers that I use. Look what I didn't need to buy people......

The box is full and double sided and 1 and a half bags full of dmc that I have a lot of the same colors. I think I have 20 each of the skin tones. Lots of browns too. Oh my god.

The funny yet sad thing is I still need around 40 colors to make a full set. What!! Guess 123 stitch next pay day. Then I'm not buying anymore dmc unless it's not in the box or bags. Save myself same money this way.

I got a little stash that I wanted to show you.

My Needleminders by Denkai Designs at Etsy she also give me a free square one. 

I've been looking for cute, nice dragon charts and not finding much that I like until now. 
Again on Etsy at lolalottashop she has so many nice charts you have to go look but I fell in love with her dragons and had to get 2

Dragon with lilies

And Dragon on the moon

Hope to start them soon, one day, maybe lol. So cute.

That's it for me Happy Stitching and we will both see what I stitch this next week! I'm having fun so it's all good.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Stitch Everything, End With A Finish

Hi stitchers, thanks for all your nice comments.

This week I didn't know what I wanted to stitch, so I just picked at random and stitched on them for a few days or even just one day.

Halloween Quaker


I just stitched the 4 cats

New start I've been wanting to do Epic Storybook Princesses by cloudsfactory. I'm stitching it in 3 parts and making a few little changes which you will see when I do it.

Here is my start on part 1 just the top border.

Next I got out Halloween magic (Halloween greetings fae) by Passione Ricamo 

Here is before

And now, not much. The black is part of the cat.

I was looking around at other stitchers projects and found a stitched picture which got me saying "I have that chart". I got it out and found 14 count iced coffee Aida by sew it all (I think it's that) and got the dmc, sadly I didn't have every color and didn't want to wait so did a few changes.

The chart 1995 Prairie Fairie by The Prairie Schooler

And I finished it late last night. I didn't do all the backstitch as I didn't like it. I think it still looks good with the few color changes I had to make. I love how she holds a real needle too.

That's my week. 

Today I plan to start another new one, I have two right now that I really want to stitch.

I've also added a few things to my giveaway that will not be shown.
Don't forget to go into it by 11th September 2018. 

Until next time happy stitching!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mill Hill

Hi stitchy friends 

This week started off with me ripping my finger nail, where it should never be ripped. So with a little blood, a little swearing and a band-aid I'm now having to wait for my nail to grow out. It's a finger I use to stitch with too.
Not a great start to the week!

The next day I really wanted to stitch, it's my happy place.

I picked up a wip but it made my finger hurt. I remember hearing somewhere to stitch a mill hill kit if you have a headache so I thought why not a sore finger.

And it worked, I could stitch yay! Maybe it's the big holes or how small they are.

I got 3 mill hill kits stitched up, but now I'm starting to miss stitching on fabric. Hope I can this week as a few days have past and my finger is not sore anymore. I still have a keep the band-aid on so it doesn't rip any more.

Ok I stitched

Kris Mouse, he's so cute

Love Stitching, looks better far away then close, that's what I think anyway.


Beading was a lucky thing as I dropped the needle a few time with a bead on it, but didn't lose the bead. A good thing.

Now because of my finger and not being able to stitch what I wanted, I shopped. I got a few more project bags and 3 needle minders which I will show you when I get them. I also make stitchy plans that most of the time I don't keep as you guys know lol. We will see if I keep my plans. The new project bags might help me keep them.

I've put my giveaway page up, I hope you all enter it. It's open to put your name and answer down in the giveaway page comments. 

Thanks for all your comments on my few last posts. Love you all for them.
Until next week and I hope my stitching will be on fabric. 
Happy Stitching!!!!