Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blog List

Hi As you can see I've now put all the blog's a love to look at on my blog list. I love seeing what other's are stitching. I even go looking for more. 

I've asked every one on my blog list if this is ok. I think it's nice to let them all know and to ask. If it was me I would like to be asked.

If it's not ok that I have put your blog up here I'm very sorry and I will take your blog off as so as I can.

Happy stitching

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh Angel

Hi, Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy you like my cross stitch as I love showing what I'm working on, so thank you.

Rose Petal Angel: oh boy... I had to send away for more thread as I've run out. It's what I hate about doing a kit. The thread is custom dyed so I can not go out and get dmc that will fix it. It always happen's to me with most kit's I do. It's a pain let me tell you. So right now I can still stitch her but not the angel's other arm. Most of her is half stitch so the green of the Aida has come though a little but I think she still looks ok. 

I had just stitch the angel's head when my mum saw her and said she will have it when I'm done stitching her. I told her maybe we will see as I might keep her I don't know yet. My mum love's angel's and I have stitch her one a few year's back. I think she will end up with it lol. 

Here is what I've done so far:

Happy stitching

Monday, June 10, 2013

Lots Of Photo's

Hi, After doing the Storykeep I sent away for the supplies I need to stitch Qs April Fairy and another one. So while I wait, I started to stitch Mini Pirate again, until I got bored with it. Pic is of page 1, what I have done of it anyway. 

So after getting bored I went thou the stitching kits I have and found Rose Petal Angel and it's what I'm now doing until the nice post man give's me my supplies. Here is a pic of a arm and I'm just starting her face now. She is the last photo, what she will look like only I'm using green Aida. Which I think looks good so far. 

I've also been a bad girl again with the heaven and earth 50% sale so here is what I got:

Dreams Of Atlantis
QS Jeweled Mermaid
QS Peridot
QS Sapphire
QS Pearl
QS Little Bud
Faces Of Faery 164
QS Spring Luna  

What do you think?
Well back to the angel. Happy Stitching