Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blog List

Hi As you can see I've now put all the blog's a love to look at on my blog list. I love seeing what other's are stitching. I even go looking for more. 

I've asked every one on my blog list if this is ok. I think it's nice to let them all know and to ask. If it was me I would like to be asked.

If it's not ok that I have put your blog up here I'm very sorry and I will take your blog off as so as I can.

Happy stitching


  1. Hi, I am glad you found my blog! Thank you for adding me to your blog list, and now I can follow you as well!



  2. Hi there!
    How nice of you to come visit my blog =)
    It is okay that you add my blog to your list. Having a blog means one wants to share, right? ;)

    You have some nice WIP's! Looking forward to see more of them =)