Friday, July 18, 2014

Stitch From Stash July

Yes the Passione Ricamo page it gone, sorry but I will still put up photo's. 
For those that don't know, I've changed it a little and after stitching the castle and not liking it I've made it more mine. so here is so far.



It's not much but I did have to unpick a lot of the castle.

I also stitched a little on QS April Fairy 

And in June I got the August Issue of The world of cross stitching and stitched Some bunny to love Ballerina, I've made it into a birth thing as my niece Chloe's daughter turns 1 in Sep. This was a joy to stitch. It took only 3 days I think to stitch.

And then there is my QS opal fairy/fairy wishes

So that's it on the stitching but I would also like to tell you I won the may stitch from stash and at the end of june I got this kit in the mail, it's now also part of my stash.

I'm also thinking of kiting up a chart the thing is what one maybe you can help me pick? 
Just tell me what number pic you like, in comments and I will let you know what everyone went for.  






Happy stitching and please what chart should I start? HELP!!!