Monday, May 28, 2018

Another Finish

Hi stitchers, this week I got another finish!. Yay.

Number 25 from my 25 days of cross stitch

Best friend Santa by Jim shore / mill hill

Here is before

And finished 

Will go on the Christmas tree this year.

Next I picked number 10 from my 25 days of cross stitch

Let it snow by Barbara Ana Designs

Here is what It will look like sorry took the photo a little far away


And now

This week was to be my pirate but I'm finding lately that I'm going back to my old ways before my rotation. That's pick a project I want to stitch and stitch it until done or I get bored with it and pick another. The last few finished, I've not wanted to stop stitching until they were done. I didn't want to work on anything else or move on as a rotation is all about. So I'm just going to go with it. I do know my words week will stay the first week of every month but the rest can always be moved around or changed. See where my stitching takes me.

So let it snow is what I'm stitching this week and maybe I can show another finish soon. I'm loving getting my Wips done.

Until next time everyone happy stitching!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Smalls Sal May

Hi stitchers.

If you have followed my blog you have seen everything I'm about to show you for the smalls Sal. 
Just saying!

Before I show off the photos. 

This week I saw a beautiful necklace  in the window of a jewelry store and went inside for the price. It was $250 or $189.00 US for my blogging friends and I walked out without the necklace. 
It got me thinking. I would pay that and more on cross stitch but not on jewelry. 
So I ask you? Are you the same, have you gone in a store, seen something you like but think not for that price but if it's cross stitch or something to do with cross stitch just buy it?

I'm curious!

Now onto my May smalls Sal

My mill hill kit Boris the bat

My monthly which I used Gloriana thead Olallieberry from a stitchy box it's a dark purple.

3 little words by Lizzie Kate 

And holiday spirit by Lizzie Kate 

That's it. Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mirabilia and Plans

Hi stitchers, I'm busy tomorrow so I thought I would do my weekly update today.

This week starts off with me frogin the top and bottom of the garden bed in Spring topiary garden as I didn't like how it looked.

Here is before the frog

And now

Next was Rose of Sharon 


And now

Now plans

I've been watching everyone's stitch maynia on flosstube. It's a new start everyday for 15 or 30 days, but same are doing Wips and new starts.

Got me thinking about when I did my 25 days of cross stitch in December 2017. I guess it was my maynia.

 I fell in love with the idea people had of working on a past maynia wip, on the day they started. If it was finished, before the next maynia,they got to do a new start.

All this to say my rotation has changed a little. 

I looked back on all 25 I stitched in December and so far only 2 are done. 

I like the idea of working on my 25 less 2 Wips from now on. I guess you can now call it my year of Wips list too.

December this year I will do my 25 days of cross stitch again with the Wips still in there and new or older ones I put in on the days I finished a wip.

I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

So the Rose of Sharon has now been put away, but as you all like her I will stitch her in December as one of my new/ older Wips. And so I will have a list of 25 wip to work on in 2019, some old some new to my list and so on.  Do you get it.

I'm hoping it will also cut on my buying stash. 

So that's my plans. I only have a few changes to rotation most are added charts.

Until next week Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Feeling Halloween

Hi stitchers.

After my finish Nora Corbett it was back to my rotation Halloween Quaker by Lila's studio.
I'm happy with my progress as I got to the other end. 


And now

Sunday was Mother's Day, happy Mother's Day to all the mums.
I didn't want to stitch any more on my Quaker but I was still feeling like Halloween and I didn't have a lot of time left in the day so I got out a mill hill kit and today I finished it.

Meet Boris the bat ( with the egg eyes, no really don't you think so?)

It's a magnet one but I'm making it into a hanging, when I cut it out.

I would like to thank everyone that left a comment on my finish and my posts, even the ones I did weeks ago. It is never to late.

A update on my chart the birds and the bees 

I have decided on using 2 colors, most will be in waterlilies Mediterranean it's a blue and the birds are going to be in waterlilies Emerald a green. I think it will be bright and tropical looking.

Here's a photo of the fabric and threads. Think it will work?

I will need to send for more as I don't think one will do.
Now that brings me to my rotation, I'm going to be adding to it. I'm thinking of doing 2 projects a week, not just the one. I want to stitch all the things but I like the 4 I have so why not add to it. I'm going to make it a see what happens thing. Whatever happens I will post about it.

So that's it. I'm off to start back up on Rose, until next Monday Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Nora Corbett Finish

Hi Stitchers. 

I just finished my Nora Corbett Miss Columbian Nymphalid. 

Was stitched on 16 count Silver Ash Aida by Sew it All

I didn't put a few beads in. Under her dress was to be a few of the big size 8 beads (the ones down her back) but I think it looks better without them.

Happy Dance! I love her, I love her blue wings.

Until Monday Happy Stitching Everyone!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

My Stitchy Week

Hi stitchers, hope you all had a good stitchy week.

Thank you for your comments, I love reading them.

I hope that heather at stitching lotus, who does the smalls Sal is ok. 
We are still waiting on the April check in. As this week I've been stitching for my May one I don't know how I feel about posting photos, but it's my weekly stitching so I guess i will still go ahead and show you all.

So what I've been stitching this week.

Lizzie Kate 3 little words

Lizzie Kate holiday spirit 

My month was stitched in Gloriana thread from stitchy box, color Olallieberry it dark, mid purple.

And lastly was Miss Columbian Nymphalid


And now, still waiting on my missing kreinik to. 

That's it, until next Monday Happy Stitching!!!