Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Nora Corbett Finish

Hi Stitchers. 

I just finished my Nora Corbett Miss Columbian Nymphalid. 

Was stitched on 16 count Silver Ash Aida by Sew it All

I didn't put a few beads in. Under her dress was to be a few of the big size 8 beads (the ones down her back) but I think it looks better without them.

Happy Dance! I love her, I love her blue wings.

Until Monday Happy Stitching Everyone!!


Rachel said...

Congratulations on your finish; she looks splendid! :)

Kay said...

I love this design so much. I quite agree about the beading, in fact, every Nora Corbett design I have done I have missed out some beads to make it the way I like it an also that little bit original. She is so pretty, you must be thrilled. x

butterfly said...

Beautiful ,what a beautiful stitch ,love her congrats.

Terri said...

She is gorgeous! Congrats on the finish!

Melissa said...

Hmm now I wonder what it looks like without beads and with all of them. I'm going to have to google. What a neat stitch.

Megan Joelle said...

Awesome work, she looks beautiful! :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Stunning finish! I love everything about her from the wisps of her head dress down to the soles of her fairy boots. The colours in her wings are amazing. Beautiful finish, congratulations
xo Alicia