Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Had a little earthquake last night. I was stitching away and listening to the hot 30 on the radio when everything started shaking. I'm just glad I did not get pricked by my needle. No damage to me or mine so that's good.

Last weekend while out shopping with a friend I find these:
Do you see the one on the bottom left, it's one of the charts on HEAD see Link it's one of Anne Stokes and I'm sure I have seen others. You can get the picture on mugs, posters, pillows. Saves stitching it which is what I was thinking of doing later on. 

I've been thinking as I stitch Indian Model, I did write that after it was finished I would do a rotation, but I'm not now. I'm just going to stitch what I want to stitch, when I want to, if you want to call that a rotation so be it. I start all my stitching in the middle, I have tried to stitch page 1,2,3 ect.. but for me it does not feel right.

Another blog I really like is
She has kindly let me put her on my blog list, so thank you. 

Ok here are a few I'm thinking of starting after Indian Model

Cascade By Jonathon Earl Bowser
Stitch her on white 18 count aida
She is 60 Page's I must be nut's
but I really like her Cascade

Hammock White Tiger By Kayomi Harai
Stitch it on white 18 count aida
Tiger is 24 page's and so cute
I got the big one before the mini was out.

My lady Of The Snow by Passione Ricamo
Stitch her on blue/gray 18 count aida

Mini Pirate By Selena Fench
Stitch her on Antique white 18 count aida
She is 12 page's Mini Pirate 

So as you can see I have lots of stitching to do, I just don't know what one to start first, and I have others too, so happy stitching to all. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Indian Model Part 3

She is getting there, been busy this week it was hard to find the time to stitch.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Indian Model Part 2

Hi all,
Did not get much stitching done in the last few day's as you see below. I've been busy reading other cross stitch blogs and buying DMC and fabric for a few Heaven and Earth chart's and even a Passione Ricamo. I'm thinking of doing a rotation. When I start I will give you all the name's and details.
Back to the Indian Model, I think I'm done with all the gold threads. Don't know if you can see them in photo. I had to use sticky tape just to thread the needle, made it much easier and faster. As you see I want her done, I have so many cross stitch pic's I want to do it's not funny, I am always thinking of my next one when I get half way with the pic I'm stitching at the time. Is that just me?.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Indian Model

What I am working on now is called Indian Model. I'm stitching her for a friend's birthday present, so I hope she likes it and thinks I'm the best. You can find Indian Model at under cultures.
My mum saw her this weekend and told me she looks like Kim Kardashian, I can see a little bit now that she has said that. I read somewhere that the pic is of a real Indian women.

Friday, June 1, 2012


For the past few week's I have been finding so many great blog's on cross stitch, seeing all the work everyone puts in, I just had to start my own and show off my work too. So now I'm online and I hope you all will follow me as I follow so many great crafters on blogger, which I hope to put on my blog list soon.
Here is Summer Fairy By Joan Elliott, 
The last one I stitched.