Thursday, January 10, 2019


Hi my Stitchy friends. How has your week been?

My rotation is still going strong I'm happy to say. It was not easy at the start of the week. 
Fairy of the wind by Joan Elliott came in the mail, I got her as a kit from polstitches designs, so has everything. The fabric, dmc, kreinik and beads all to start and finish her. I so wanted to start her.
No money in my money box as I ordered before Christmas 2018. 
On the same day I found out about the 2019 Free Sal by called a peacocks garden. It starts with a big peacock and a new part comes out every month this year. You can still get the 2017 and 2018 sals free too, but they are not my thing. You need to have a look.
I was very good and didn't start them, they are put away until my wheel tells me new start or I finish a wip in my rotation and I want to start and finish. That's how I'm going right now.

Stitching this week

Friday to Sunday was mini pirate and I'm very happy with my progress as I was in confetti hell. I think that's why I stopped stitching last year because I'm in confetti. I have another bit to get over with because of her hair and then it will be mostly block stitching. I'm not looking forward to the confetti tomorrow but it does look good.

Here's before 

And now.
I stitched at the side of her arm, with the water and rock. Tomorrow I start on her hair, that's on the other side of her arm. That's the plan.

Monday to today was Forever and ever and again I'm happy with my progress. I stitched one of the birds so yay me. 

Here's before 

And now, slowly making that circle.

This week I got a gift in the mail. A late Christmas gift from Lynda her blog is purple pixie dust. Thank you so much Lynda. I love them. They will come out next year for sure and that you made them is amazing. Thank you so much. Hope you don't mind me telling everyone.

Rachel, her blog is Ten Hour Stitcher is starting a Sal for fully finishing your projects. 
Great idea, I'm sure we all have lots to fully finish. If you want to join go to her amazing blog.

Sadly I won't be joining in the fun. A long time ago I would finish everything, I do mean all my big projects in frames, too many to hang up even now, and I did a scrapbook for the smalls and what I gave away over the many years I've been stitching. What I'm saying is I now have no room. I love stitching so now everything goes in a drawer or box unless it's a gift. Until last year most of what I stitch are big. So I will just watch everybody's fully finished pictures. I need a bigger house. Lol.
Thanks Rachel for getting everyone to fully finish, I love seeing what other people do. Looking back I would have done things differently and not framed everything, just the ones I really loved. Oh well.

Another thing that's going around is stitch 9 challenge. You pick 9 Wips to finish in 2019.
I have my 4 that's in my rotation 
Mini pirate 
Forever and ever 
Treasures of the deep Sal
Halloween Quaker 

As for the other 5 I don't know but my wheel picked

Quaker mermaid 
Holiday spirit 
Earth angel
Sea flora

What do you think, should I try and get them finished next in my rotation? Try for the 9?

I also have good news, I talked about a few posts back that a fabric order was not addressed right so I didn't get my fabric. Well after many emails they have now sent me my order again with the right address, I hope to get it soon. Yay. Better late then never. Don't know if I will go to them again though.

Plans this coming week

I'm still stitching every day on my colours of the day wip, it's still fun to me.
Friday to Sunday is mini pirate, it's going to be hot again so we will see how much gets done. My weather keeps going up and down.
Monday I'm doing a tiny little Sal with Katie, her blog is Jeremiah's mom. We are stitching a mill hill kit we both have called sea turtle. A little bit of fun that we both stitch a mill hill, on the same day a world apart.
Tuesday if needed finish the turtle and then onto Treasures of the deep Sal until Thursday.
Then I'm back blogging to you my friends.
Of course life is in all that too. It's been up and down lately.
Until next time
Happy stitching!!!!


  1. Glad to see my stars got to you. No, I don't mind you showing everyone, that way I get to know you got them. Yes, do put them on your tree next year, they look great, I have four that I put on my tree this year. Have a great day and I like all your stitching. big hugs from cold and snowy Canada.

  2. Wow you are doing well with your stitching .
    At last I am better and stitching again .
    Have a lovely week ,love seeing what you are working on.

  3. Good luck with the wips. I am trying to get a Lizzie Kate whip done before I start a new project. I have so many I need to finish, some of them have been languishing for years. I have the Needle fairy by Nora Corbett all kitted up and waiting for a start, it will be my reward for finishing the Lizzie Kate.
    One of my oldest wips is a Winnie the Pooh design that I started for my eldest daughter when she was about a year old, she turned 22 on Boxing Day!! One day I will get it finished, perhaps for when she has a child of her own. x

  4. I just love the mini pirate pattern so I love watching your progress on it. Forever and Ever looks beautiful too. Love that beautiful bird! I can't wait to join in with Rachel's new SAL. I have sooo many things to finish. I'm looking forward to stitching with you Monday and Tuesday.

  5. Great progress! That bird looks great!

  6. Great progress this week; your rotation is definitely working so far! I admire your restraint from starting your new kit too, especially as we all know how you love a new start... or more!
    Thanks for mentioning my new SAL. It'll always be open if you change your mind! Don't forget that even cutting the perforated paper and adding a hanging loop to a small Mill Hill kit qualifies as an FFO. Just saying! :)

  7. Can I ask if that picture of the lovely elf with the owl (top left corner) is a chart somewhere? I absolutely adore it. Your stitching is so nice - I like your rotation.

  8. Elaine no sorry I got it as a free wallpaper but it is a great picture.