Friday, August 4, 2017

Off With Her Head

Hi stitchers

I have been stitching the queen mermaid and I'm so happy with the progress I've made this week.

Warning she doesn't have a head, ya a Queen without her head. Lol


And now

She will get her head in a few weeks time, or maybe sooner, not sure.

I see the finish line with her but want to stitch on other charts, a little rotation if you will.

One chart per week for maybe four weeks and again, we will see how it goes. It can change.

I also hope to blog once a week now, so you can see any progress I make or not.

A few new starts will also happen as I go. 

Lots to come, Wips, new starts, heaven and earth, and a few old ones maybe.

Till next week Happy Stitching!!!!


  1. You have made beautiful progress!!

  2. She looks lovely. Good luck with your new rotation and all the WIPs and/or new starts we may or may not see! :)

  3. She is looking beautiful. Well done with your progress. She is one of my favourite mermaids. I stitched her myself a few years ago. Debbie x

  4. Sounds like you have lots of plans! Don't leave her for too long, she's too pretty to languish without a head for long!

  5. Beautiful progress on the mermaid.
    I use qsnap for most of my stitching projects.

    pirates of the caribbean 5

  6. Beautiful Mermaid even if she is headless. It makes for a very interesting reveal when it is stitched.
    xo Alicia