Saturday, October 24, 2015

Don't be mad

Thanks for all your votes to my last post. 

You all picked mini pirate and I'm with you all in saying I would love to see her all stitched up. 
I did try to stitch her but I just can not get into it right now. Hope you are not all mad at me but you will see her at a later date. 

You also told me you like sweet pea and she is what I'm stitching now. I will show a photo later.

Now for why this post today.

Im in love with a heaven and earth chart, ya another one. Ha ha 

She is called Frost Dragonling and I love her so much that I also got the fabric and dmc from HEAD too. So as soon as I get it in the mail, I will be stitching her. 

Here is what she looks like

I love the colors and dragon. I just wish she did a chart just on the dragons, they are so sweet.

Happy stitching!!!


  1. It's a hobby so you should stitch on whatever YOU want to. Look forward to seeing your progress on Sweet Pea.

  2. Lovely new chart - can't say I have seen that one before!

  3. The colors are pretty, good choice:)

  4. Have fun working on your latest purchase! The colours are fabulous!

  5. I love Frost Dragonling she is gorgeous and the dragon is so sweet with it's tail wrapped around her legs. Can't wait to see it done. hugs Lynda Ruth

  6. Love this one! I just can't start a new big project. I'd never get my current one done if I did. LOL.