Monday, March 19, 2018

A Finish and Part of a House

Hi Stitchers 

So it's Autumn but summer is not letting go. We haven't had rain in weeks, everything is so dry. 

Here is my finish with The Autumn Acorn by Jeannette Douglas Designs 
It's on 36 (I think, same as the summer one) evenweave.
My first time stitching Queen stitches.

Here's the pic

And my finish 

I like the colors.

Next it got a little busy after my finish but I still made progress on home of a needle worker 2.

Here is before 

And now.
I was trying to finish the house but did not make it in time, it has too many windows.
I started calling it the never ending house.

I'm also ready for Easter now with my new tree up. 
My plan is to stitch a few holiday and sewing/stitching little ones to go on the tree so I can have it up all year round but that will take time.

So that's my stitchy week. Hope you too had a good week. Happy Stitching!!!


  1. I love your Easter tree! I have the same plan to stitch seasonal pieces but I never get round to it. I hate stitching houses but love pieces with houses in, yours looks lovely.
    What beautiful colours in your Autumn stitch, so much more vibrant than the cover photo.

  2. Oh Angel love your Autumn stitch what lovely colours .
    I have two white trees and leave the one out all year with birds and stitching on there it's a nice way to display .
    Have a great week hugs .

  3. Beautiful Autumn Acorn piece, what lovely colours and stitches. I also like your Easter tree, a great idea.

  4. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !