Monday, April 30, 2018

Pirate and New Start

Hi stitchers

This week I started page 9 on my pirate but I was not feeling it. 

You know when I said I would stitch another project only on the weekends, well looks like I was wrong. It's the motto stitch what you want now. I'm going with it.

Here is page 9 on mini pirate

New start Miss Columbian Nymphalid by Nora Corbett
I'm stitching her on 16 count sliver ash Aida by sew it all, it's a blue grey.

I have loved stitching her this week and don't want to put her away.

I'm missing a kreinik but I should get it next week maybe.

For a small Nora she is going to have lots of beads. All the space in the grey is beads, her boots have the kreinik I'm missing and beads.

That's my week. This week back to words.  Happy Stitching!!


  1. You have done lots already on your Nora, she seems to be coming up quickly. I always find her work overloaded for my liking, and have always altered the pattern and left some out, obviously when they are are part of a dress you can't do that but if they are just general beads around her then I let some of them go. x

  2. Beautiful stitching , always love your work.
    Have a good week.