Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stitch From Stash January

Hi all, 
I've been stitching my wip (works in progress) mini pirate by Selena Fenech. 
Page 3 is now all stitched up so I have the 1st row all done yay!!!. I will also show you what it now looks like which is a T, lol.

So Amount Spend is $0.00
It was hard not to spend any money as heaven and earth had a sale on and there are so many charts I would love to get, Cross stitch Mags I would have love only for a chart or two and The fox collection catalogue I got in the mail, I was lucky I did not want anything this time from them. It was not easy.

On top of that I thought I would have to get more dmc for my pirate as I was running low, but went over the dmc I have in my stash and found what I needed, for now. 
Until my next post  
Happy stitching!. 


  1. LOVE this pattern my dear. Well done on spending no money! :)

  2. Lovely progress on this, I love the colours :)

  3. Great progress, love Selena Fenech's artwork!