Friday, September 21, 2018

Beach i.e. Keen

Hi stitchers, how has your week been?

I stopped my rotation and got a finish last weekend. Yay me!

59 Wips and counting. I still want to start things.

To the beach and back by needle bling designs. 
I used waterlilies 207 for the words ( leftover). Dmc for the rest. Changed the green to purple because of the green in the words and added charms I got from a stitchy box, one dolphin and one seahorse. 
Stitched on 16ct Aida Lambswool.
Here it is

Next I picked up sirena by Lila's studio, only a day on her.
 Here's before

And now

I then got emailing to Alicia The crafty princess. I pushed her into doing a blog post that she wanted to do anyway and she got me motivated to work on mini pirate. I will show in a bit.

As I want to start a few heaven and earth design charts in 2019. You only live once so why not. 
Alicia has been trying to help me with evenweave. Yap I'm going to the dark side lol.

My next head will be on evenweave but I've got to see what I like. Aida is so easy for a head it's 18 count, 2 over 1 but with evenweave you have 1 over 1, 2 over 1, 2 over 2 and 1 over 2 all on the same fabric be it 25 ct to 40 I think it goes to. Hard on a newbie. 

Alicia the lovely lady is sending me 3, yes 3 counts of evenweave fabric to try. I still don't know what to say but thank you again Alicia and I hope you don't mind me telling everyone how helpful and amazing you have been to me this week. A true stitchy friend. I don't have anyone to ask but for the friends I make on my blog. Thank you again.

Here is mini pirate before 

And now, that's the bottom on this page, but as you can see I've still got a lot to do.

Which is why I'm thinking every week I will be working on my pirate with one other Wip, so I get a break from her, until she is done. The other wip can be anything. Still hopeful to get her done by the end of the year. Wish me luck.

I think that's it. Until next week happy stitching everyone!!!


  1. I love the beach design, one of my favourite things in the world is to go for a walk on the beach with my husband.
    Good luck with the even weave. It will be easier to start on something like a 28 count (which is equal to 14 count aida) than a 32 count (equal to 16 count). You just halve the count to see what kind it would be in aida. I personally never go beyond 32 as my eyesight isn't good enough for the 36 and 40 that some people use. I would say start on the easier fabrics and work up to the others if you like it. x

  2. You are a busy girl with all your Wips, I could never do that many, my eyes go after awhile and it get blurry. I do love your beach sitting, I also go walking on the beach with my husband and we collect sea shells, sea glass and rocks to polish. hugs

  3. Good luck with the evenweave! I prefer it to aida, as it is softer on the hands and (in my opinion) easier to work with. I still use aida a lot, but my preference is evenweave.

  4. I'm so in love with the beach design. We love the beach and all ocean related things. Sirena is just gorgeous too. I added her to my wish list. I love HAED stitching. I have several in WIP status and 3 I need to get soon haha. I think hubby said he is getting two for me for Christmas so I think I will have to wait which is so hard. But I'm going to be starting a new one probably in November and I can't wait! Like I need a new one. But the colors and design are calling me bad. It has sea turtles on it. I personally used to use 28ct 1 thread over 1. But I tried 32ct 1 over 1 and just fell in love. Try the different counts and different threads options and see which one you like best. Don't push yourself. HAEDs are a long WIP and you need to enjoy it to make it not torture. Good luck. If you need to chat about anything HAED I'm an email away too. I would love to help out if I can.

  5. Great progress on Mini Pirate this week.
    Good luck with trying out evenweave. I occasionally use 32ct as a substitute for 16ct aida but have never ventured into the higher counts. I guess I'm in my comfort zone and don't want to move out of it! Keep us informed as to how you get on with your sample fabrics. :)

  6. Awwww you're too kind Amanda! I've enjoyed our little to and fro convos. And it's very cool how we have inspired each other. Love our cross stitching world. I hope the evenweaves are working out for you. It really will expand your world of choices and colours.

    You have done so well on Pirate, it's looking incredible. Love the fabric for Sirena too and who doesn't love the beach? The variegated thread is perfect for the words.

    Good job stunner
    xo Alicia