Monday, July 2, 2018

What is it about the number 3?

Hi stitchers, 

Thanks for all you comments, you voted and I guess I will be keeping the posts for the smalls Sal but I think it will just be the photos.

This week I stitched on 3 projects again. I'm thinking it my number right now per week...

Treasures of the deep sal February mermaid and a little on the gold border.

I love how cute the mermaids are. Last post I told you I was thinking about beading as I go but I need January mermaid to do that as I'm stitching in hand and I'm left handed it would make it a pain. Of course the January one is the last out. Sigh. So beads at the end.

Next I wanted something fast to stitch and that was my month.
Stitched in weeks dye works mermaid 

I'm really thinking about just doing the rest of them this week, get it all done.

Next was a new start. I liked stitching with only one color, I was in that type of mood so started ink circles Damask Square.

I'm stitching it on white Aida with waterlilies 281 Hudson Bay. I love how it looks so far and that it's only one silk. 

That's it this week, until next time Happy Stitching!!


  1. And you have a water-theme running through your projects this week too. Love the Hudson Bay thread; Damask Square is going to look gorgeous! :)

  2. Love the mermaid stitch so cute and I love the colour material.

    You have some great stitching there.

  3. The mermaids are so stunning on that beautiful blue fabric and gold border is just striking. Pretty colours for August and for your Damask square. I love working with variegated thread, it's always a surprise how it turns out. And it's turning out fantastic!
    xo Alicia