Sunday, July 15, 2018

Let's talk Wips

Hi stitchers, how's your week? I'm going to be busy tomorrow so I thought I would post today.

So I've finished my monthly with the last one. In weeks dye works Noel. I liked it on the card but not when stitched up, I'm not doing it again so I will put up with it.

Not very Christmas to me. 

Now let's talk Wips!

I counted all 12 months as 1 wip so as of right now I have 41 Wips.

A few I don't see me stitching on again but I'm a never say never so they get counted.

This week I've been thinking what is the number of Wips I'm happy with. 

Do I make it 40 Wips, so finish 2 more before I can do a new start and only go to 40. So I have to finish somethings before I can start something. 

Or do I make it 50 and start all the things that I want to start, very easy to do.

I don't know. At the start of the week I was of the mind with 40 Wips as I do like getting things done too. 

But as the week went on I was thinking I would love to start this or that and ya I can do 50 Wips.

I know 50 is it, no more then 50 Wips before I think I have too many. 

What would you do? I'm still up in the air about it all.

The rest of the week I've been stitching Wisteria by Nora Corbett. I will keep stitching her until done. I love her and can't put her down.

Here is before

And now

This week I also got my first ever stitchy gift. I was so excited about it. I love everything that June from butterfly wings sent me. A big hug and thank you June.

The Mirabilia is mermaid of the pearls, one I don't have so very happy, and the girl in the middle is from one of my favorite designers Shannon Wasilieff. June you could not have picked better. Again a big thanks.

Talking about gifts. Kay I will be sending yours this week sometime. Sorry it's taken me so long.
 Also can you tell me your blog?. 

That's it from me. Happy Stitching!!!


Rachel said...

I think you've asked one of cross stitching's unanswerable questions! Some would say two WIPs is one too many, whilst others are happy to have loads.

At one point I had about 60 WIPs (I now have 45) and was given the advice that you have too many WIPs when you look at the pile and realise they have become a burden. I didn't feel like that but it was definitely sound and sensible advice I would like to pass along.

Ultimately you've got to do what makes you happy, so if 50 is your magical number then go for it! :)

butterfly said...

Angel your stitching lady is just beautiful , love those colours .
To tell you the truth I may have 50 WIPs already and still going .

If I find a new chart I start it , life,s to short not too .

Do what ever you want to there are no rules .

Some days I like to stich on small designs and some times I love stitching on larger designs . So I do what I enjoy .

So happy you like your little gifts enjoy hugs.

Kay said...

Wisteria is stunning, you seem to stitch so quickly. I don't have so many wips because I find that having a lot really stresses me out. I usually have only about half a dozen on the go, although to be honest I am usually only working on about two at a time, the rest are sitting in box making me feel guilty about not finishing them. Some have been on the go for years, I just get them out and do a little bit every now and then. We all work differently and have to do what make sup happy. I don't have a blog, by the way, I just love to stitch and read blogs for inspiration. x

Justine said...

You've asked an interesting question! I think Rachel is right, the answer is different for everyone. I suppose it depends on the size of the projects too. I have 16 WIPs at the moment and it feels like too many but some of them are huge!
Wisteria is very pretty and I love your gifts from June, she did choose very well.

vaiybora said...

very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!