Sunday, July 22, 2018

Puppy TLC

Hi stitchers

This week didn't go as I planned. 

Sunday night Jess did something and wouldn't put her weight on her back right leg, and she was very sore. So Monday we went to the vet. After the X-ray told us nothing was wrong we all think it's the 2 pins she has in her knee. She had both back knees done at the start of the year. So Jess had a little op to get the pins out of her right knee and she has a few stitches. This week she has been very mummy, sore and sorry. She wants lots of holding, cuddles and TLC. She has been on my lap a lot. I keep getting covered in her white fur.

So not lots of stitching. I even put off housework so what little time I got went to wisteria. I'm going to play catch up this week as Jess is feeling better that she now goes to her bed or other members of the family. I'm the one she goes to when she's sick or not feeling well. The good news is she is walking great, so it was the pins.

Poor baby!

So here is wisteria before

And now

I want to get her done. This week I will still be stitching her. 

I also wanted to thank you all for your comments about how many Wips. This week I got a lot of time just to see/look at my big growing pile of Wips, charts, kits, everything and I think my problem is not so much how many Wips I have but where to put everything. I will start new ones soon as they are already kitted, as I want to and keep working on my Wips. Right now I have 6 projects I would love to stitch after wisteria, Wips and new starts so we will see what happens. My problem is there's too many charts I love. 

Until next time Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Beautiful progress on your stitching project. She looks stunning!

  2. Wisteria is stunning, you will certainly have her finished this week. My wips all sit in folders in one box waiting for their turn to be picked up, the box is under my bed as we are short on storage space. My dreaming day is to have a sewing room. Hope Jess is doing better. x

  3. Oh poor little Jess I love her she is sooooo cute.

    I lost my baby Poppy a few years ago , and miss her so much I would love another little doggy but we said no more , after we lost her.

    Love your stitching it is beautiful .

    I will also be looking forward to seeing your next start.

    Enjoy your week .

  4. Aww about Jess. She's so adorable. I hope she gets much better soon. Girl, I don't know how you can keep up with the WIPS myself. I'd get overwhelmed. You do it wonderfully. It makes me jealous.

  5. Dat face, though!!!! Jess looks like quite the character! I'm glad she's feeling better. I absolutely hate it when any of my pets are in pain.

  6. Poor Jess. Hope she recovers soon. Your Wisteria is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!