Sunday, July 8, 2018

Under the sea stitchy box

Hi stitchers 

I've also gone in for the silver box, out in December and the peacock box out next year February I think. That will be the last of my stitchy countdown boxes that I will be getting. They are nice to get in the mail but I don't really use it. 

So Under The Sea

1 tiny octopus scissors so cute
2 Gloriana florimel silk Sumatra blues and greens
3 seed beads matte purple 
4 ceramic turtle bead cute little thing
5 seahorse charm so small
6 crystal starfish
7 seed beads blue
8 weeks dye works 12 perle marigold not really a sea color I think.
9 woven whale ribbon cute.
10 black lip shell buttons 
11 28ct ivory linen
12 seed beads tropical sunset
13 the gentle art floss royal purple ( a lot of purple in this box)
14 seahorse waxed
15 dolphin charm very small
16 the gentle art floss limited edition seaweed forest
17 crystal glass drop blue
18 weeks dye works porpoise
19 32ct linen seafoam 
20 hand blown glass round blue
21 glistening ric rac
22 planet earth silk floss
23 NPI silk peacock green
24 14 ct Aida opalescent blue
25 cloisonné turtle
26 seed beads dark blue
27 seed beads teal
28 silver peacock freshwater pearls
29 rainbow glass fish
30,31 two charts that are not that great when you see what's out there.

That's it. Not bad. Lots of turtles. I was also hoping for a cool Needleminder but oh well.
Kay your fabric will be sent to you soon.
Happy stitching!!!


  1. The problem with subscription boxes is that you really have no control over what you get, and sometimes that is so disappointing. I don't even understand the chart on the left! The silver December box is sure to be amazing though, it must be filled with Christmas treats. x

  2. Love all the little bits in your box .

    Have a lovely week .