Saturday, October 27, 2018

October Smalls Sal

Hi stitchers, it's that time again.

October was all about Halloween stitching for me so my smalls this month are mill hill kits.

Next month I think I will do Christmas smalls, we will see. Happy stitching!


  1. Love all your Autumn smalls stitching so cute .

    Have a fun weekend .

  2. These are really sweet! I'd probably never stitch one but I do love the detail in these small Mill Hill beaded kits. And just in time for Halloween too! :)

  3. I always like the look of the Mill Hill kits, but I do worry about bending the paper as I stitch so I haven't tried one yet. x

  4. Too cute! I love the Mill Hill kits. Congrats on finishing two Halloween cuties.

    By the way I got the Halloween charts in the mail over the weekend. I appreciate the floss and the cute stickers too. Thank you very much again for the cute charts. I think I will try to stitch them next year for Halloween.