Friday, October 19, 2018

More Halloween Stitching

Hi stitchers, thank you for all your comments.
With my new fabric post I've changed my mind on 1 or 2 but you will see that when I get around to stitching the charts.

This week I stitched Halloween Quaker by Lila's studio
I'm so happy I got the little village stitched, it's part of the chart that I really love.


And now

It's getting there.

Next was a new start called Moonbeams and Stardust Witch by Stoney Creek

Will look like this

And what I've stitched so far. 
She is on 16ct Aida jacaranda haze by stitches and spice who closed down years ago. I've had this purple grey in my stash for ages. 

I also got more fabric this week. My order from colour cascade.

This week I changed around my Wips and finished stitching. 
All my Wips are now in a storage container and my finished stitching in a drawer with charts that are kitted with fabric. Really to start.

As you know I watch YouTube, flosstube. People are starting to talk about plans in the new year.
Here are mine.

Rest of October I will still stitch Halloween. 
It is getting harder not to stitch on my Sal, the October mermaid came out this week. 

November and December I'm going to start lots of Christmas charts, maybe a few others too, stitch on the Wips that have been calling me but also use that coloured wheel to pick a wip.

New year I'm going to use the wheel. I have all my Wips on it and I've added mill hill kit and start a new start. I will add all the new starts that I do this year. If a wip calls to me then I will stitch it but mostly it will be a pick from the wheel. How long I stitch on a project is up to me at the time.

I want to stitch on many and it's hard to pick sometimes.

My one goal next year is to get my Wips down. I would like to end 2019 with less then I started the year with but we will see how that goes. If I don't then I don't.

That's my plan anyway. Sound good. I'm pretty sure I can stay with this plan I've made.

Until next time Happy Stitching!