Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Finish Or Two

Hi stitchy friends, thank you for all your birthday wishes and comments.

This week daylight savings started. Which means the clock went forward 1 hour.
 It's been hard getting used to, all that sun for longer and it's also been hard getting up in the mornings when I just want to sleep more. I hate the 1st/2nd week when the time changes. You get used to it but it takes a while.

I stayed with my plan from last week. Are you all in stock ha ha.

I finished Wicked by Barbara Ana Designs

Here is last weeks again

And all done

The box with the date took forever to stitch. I'm happy with how it looks.

Next I got out Wanda's Witchery by mill hill 
Every time I get this one out, I feel like I was wrong to stitch it on fabric and ivory fabric at that. I've started this 3 times now I think and don't want to start it again. I do a little then put it away. It's one I'm not sure about but don't want to start all over again so just keep stitching.

Here is before 

And now

Next was Halloween greetings fae wip, by Passione Ricamo 

And now with more of her dress

The black in her dress has rainbow gallery, so does a little of the purple and that little bit of orange. 

I think I've said this before but I hate using rainbow gallery, give me kreinik any day. Rainbow gallery is so thin that you have to blend it with the dmc, it breaks very easy and when it knots, it's hard to undo. Kreinik on the other hand is not thin, so can use without blending. When it knots it's easy to undo and I don't have many breaking on me. I would change over for this project but I've already got the rainbow gallery and I'm not going to be using it on anything else. I don't want to waste my money by not using it. 

Today I got another finish in Dracula by mill hill and he's so cute

I still have lots of Halloween charts, Wips to stitch but I have to say my mermaid Sal is calling me. Maybe in November the Sal will be the first one I stitch on. We will see.

So how's everyone's October stitching going? Lots of Halloween stitching I hope.
Until next week happy scary stitching!


  1. Wonderful, love the Halloween WIPs .

    Our clocks go back soon I hate the time change too.

    Enjoy your week.

  2. Great stitching again, despite the little hiccups. October's going well for you so far. I'm hoping to stitch Wanda's Witchery soon and also intend to use fabric rather than the supplied perforated paper. Hopefully I won't have to start it three times though!! :)

  3. Lovely updates, I like that little Dracula - so cute!!

  4. Halloween is my fav season! Especially for stitching. Love all your wips. Keep going on Wanda's witchery, I think it's looking awesome. And the white fabric brings out the bold colours.

    Lovely progress stunner
    xo Alicia

  5. Love your Halloween stitching. Congrats on the finishes you have done. I think the Mill Hill looks great on the fabric. As for me. I'm not getting as much done as I wished. But I'm trying.