Friday, October 26, 2018

Witches, ghosts, spiders oh my

Hi stitchers, how was your week? 

Let's see this week I started off with A Wip Minerva by Nora Corbett 


And now I love the colours on her.

Next I started Witch Way by Just Nan. Fabric 28ct evenweave black holed sun by colour cascade. I love this fabric, it's so witchy. 

Here is what it will look like

And so far

Next I started another new one but can't show you my start yet.

Wicked Christmas by Sara and fabric ivory evenweave 28ct I'm doing it 1 over 1.
Yes it's a Christmas one but it has witches flying in it, so it's still a little Halloween right!

Here's what it looks like

As I was stitching on the fabric the edges were fraying so I got all my new evenweave and took them to get sewed. I will get them back Monday. Aida frays but not so much or so quick. Wish sew it all did the edges for us.

Next I started Spirits and Spells by with thy needle and thread fabric 18ct Aida confederate gray.

Will look like this

And last night.

For the rest of October I'm going to try and finish this one. 
I'm stitching in dmc and having to pick my own colours.

I have more Halloween ones but I'm not feeling them. I think I'm now over stitching witches and ghosts. I want to get back to mermaids and add in Christmas.

A friends mum give me some cross stitch she found. I don't know how but it looks like I'm having to stitch her the butterfly kit by dimensions. One minute I'm looking at them and the next my friend said I would stitch the kit for her mum, I don't even think I said yes. lol. It's pretty so I will, it's a nice thing to do anyway. Guess it gets added to my growing Wips soon.

Here's a photo of what she gave me
I love the wizard in the Stoney creek book, will be on my list for sure.

That's it for my stitching this week. I now have 64 Wips so I only added 4 new starts in October, or is it 3. Anyway not bad. I have a lot more to come in the next 2 months, new starts that is. Most are Christmas charts. Until next week happy stitching!!!


  1. A very spooky week indeed! That fabric for your Just Nan piece is perfect. :)

  2. Great new start , sounds like you are enjoying your mix of stitching .
    I am on Christmas stitching at the moment before I get back to Easter and Spring stitching .

  3. Great new starts and great progress. I LOLed at your stitching for your friend's guess. I've been roped into that before too. Hope you enjoy it.