Friday, January 16, 2015

The Rose Of Sharon, oh boy.

Well I have to say it has not been such a great stitching start to the new year for me so far.
Great for buying, not for stitching!

I've been so busy to stitch and when I find the time I mis count by one cross and you stitchers know if your out by one everything else that follows is too. So I've had to unpick a few crosses, only to find I did it again. I tell you right now I'm sure The Rose Of Sharon does not want to be stitch by me.
Saturday I will try again as I will not give up on it yet.

Here is where she's at:

To make me feel better I got the new January Cross Stitch Gold as I would love to stitch this chart

Peacock Princess. 
It is now on my very big list of to be stitched. 

I'm thinking of doing a new page on my blog with all the magazine charts I want to one day stitch, I think I have a few. Well Happy Stitching!!!  


  1. Aw I'm sorry about your counting mishaps. I hate when that happens!! I remember when I was stitching Nantucket Rose, my very first large project, I found I was wrong somewhere in a particular section. It took me about 4 hrs of counting and checking and rechecking to finally find it! Love your Rose of Sharon, would love to see you continue on with it :)

  2. Such a shame, I've done that a few times. Sometimes If I can, I try and make it work, although if it's going to be noticeable I have to unpick or restart as I'd know it's there and it would bug me.

    I hope it's all plain sailing from now though!

  3. It is a nightmare , just one stitch can have on your stitching .
    Your stitching is so beautiful.

  4. I was thinking I needed to make a list with a reference of magazine patterns for myself too! It's just getting too big to remember them all, LOL