Monday, January 5, 2015

Story Keep Seasons Spring

Hi, I want to post more this year if I can. 

With family and friends popping in and out not much stitching got done but still it's a start on the story keep seasons. A lot of off white in this page hope you can see it in the photo.

Now on to The Rose Of Sharon. I  made a deal with myself that I was not to stitch anything but the 3 gifts until they are done, but right now I so want to start Treasure Hunt Bookshelf it's hard not to get it out. 

Until next time Happy Stitching!!!


  1. A lovely start on the SK. You've got a lot of control if you're not going to start your own project until the three gifts are completed. I would definitely have given in by now! :)

  2. Lovely start on the SK! Well done for displaying such good willpower!