Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Stash

I was a bad girl. Ya I really should not have got what I got. I have so much to stitch already I really should not be adding more but what can I say. lol it's what most of us stitchers do right....

I got:

Bear With Watering Can.
He was just so cute and even the little butterfly is helping.

I've had my eye on this next one for a while and been fifing and raring over it so thought why not.

Fairy Dust.
And I've wanted to do a latch hook for a while but the price of them is a lot for a nice kit. This one is cute, in my price range and I can give it to one of my niece's as she loves elephants. So I see it as a win win. It's been years since I've done one and every so many years I feel like doing something other then cross stitch. So I hope you all don't mind if I show you the following latch hook on my blog. 

It's called Cute Little Elephant

See I told you all I was a bad girl... 

On my stitching I have not been doing much because of the weather, its just been a few days of hot. but for the next few days it looks good so I will get stitching, still on The Rose Of Sharon. That's my hope anyway. I find I don't stitch much in Jan/Feb it's just to hot. 

Well until next time happy stitching!!! 


  1. Nice new stash, fairy dust is gorgeous :)

  2. Oh that elephant is adorable! If I had a baby I would totally have to get this for them. The bear is really cute as well!

  3. Great new stash. Would love to see your progress on the latch hook.

  4. Lovely new stash. Three's not too many so you weren't that naughty! :)

  5. Lovely new stash! I especially love Fairy Dust, the colours are really unusual.

  6. Lovely stash, it's not naughty at all!

  7. Fantabulous new stash! Fairy Dust is just wow!! Who is this from? Is it a kit??? I'd love to know, might consider add it to my stash basket :P

    1. Thanks to all.
      Fairy Dust is just a chart, I don't know if you can get it in a kit. It's from a french artist Annaick Chauvel and her design studio Nimue. I got all this stash from The Fox collection which is in my supplies but look up Nimue if this does not work for you. I hope you can get it too. There are a few charts but Fairy Dust is the only one I want right now. Good luck.