Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thank You

I would like to say a big welcome to my new followers from the grow your blog party. I hope you like my cross stitch journey. I too found a few new blogs to follow, so thank you.

I've been stitching Sleep Time, when I can and the bunny now has a head.

I've had to put this one away again as I will be seeing the gift recipient very soon and I don't want her to see it. It's sad as I was just getting into it.

Today the mail man give me my new stash and I could not wait to start the latch hook elephant. It took a little time to work out not only how to do it again (its been years) but also where to start, what I like. 
The top left. It's now all good and I'm having fun. Hope to do more soon.

Happy Stitching!!


  1. love your cute cross stitch and ohh latch hook, love it :) happy days and happy stitching :) Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

  2. Very nice progress.
    It has been ages that I did a latch hook. Your Elefant is a real cuty :)

  3. Lovely stitching! The latch hook is so cute! I would love to do one again, if only they weren't so expensive!

  4. The Somebunny is such a cute project. Enjoy your latch hook kit!

  5. That bunny is so cute. Love the elephant too. It has been years since I have done latch hook.

  6. Your work is so nice .Good luck with the new kit