Sunday, November 4, 2018

Another Finish....What?

Hi stitchers, I didn't think I would be back so fast or soon, but I finished a chart last night so it only took me a afternoon to stitch. 

What can I maybe Kay you are right and I can stitch fast.
Thank you for everyone's comments on yesterday's post.

My finish is A Little Christmas by Lizzie Kate 
Fabric 16ct Aida Wren.
Change was the stars at the top. I tried doing them on the Aida but it didn't look right so I used mill hill beads 00553 from my stash and think it looks good.
Stitched with dmc
Kay you will also be getting this one, it comes with fabric I didn't use and the beads but you will need a tiny heart charm or just leave it out cos I used it. 

Here's the picture 

And my finish

Now as I was stitching a little Christmas, epic storybook princesses popped into my head. I was thinking I could see Snow White on this fabric. I don't like what I'm using for it, it's a lot of fabric to work around and I was never sold on ivory. Stitching on wren got me thinking I can do them as singles on their own fabric colours. Now I want to stitch it again. I can also do away with that border. I'm hoping I can use the same piece of fabric, I will have to count. 

I'm also not saying I will be stitching the princesses this week. I still have my other Christmas stitch to do but we will see what happens.

Today I also have to pick a wip for my number 7 project bag, as it's a mermaid bag and I finished Sirena. I'm thinking the seahorse one. Well that was easy lol.

Until next time happy stitching!


Kay said...

This is so pretty. Christmas stitching is my favourite kind of stitching. x

Rachel said...

Another finish?! Well done. I love the colours in this one; the combination of both traditional and modern Christmas tones. :)

butterfly said...

love your Christmas stitch and yes your getting faster .

The Crafty Princess said...

Yep that was an easy choice LOL! Nice little Christmas finish too, it looks great on that fabric. Why does that happen when you are on stitching on a project that other projects pop into one's mind. We have very naughty minds ha ha.

xo Alicia

Katie said...

Congrats on the adorable finish!

ricketyjo said...

Congrats on your finish!!