Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Mermaid Finish

Hi stitchers, how was your stitching week, around the ghosts, witches and little monsters?

After my last finish/post, I went on my tiny decisions app and made a new wheel. 
I have one for all my Wips, new start and mill hill ( on 1 wheel).
My new wheel I put the numbers 1 to 14, which is my project bags and added new start, Wips wheel.

I did my new wheel and it picked number 7. 

Sirena by Lila's Studio. This morning I finished her. Yay happy dance!!!!

Here is before

And finished

Changes I made are the skin I used dmc 754 and 948, I gave her a blue eye which you can't tell really and I used 00374 beads as I didn't have the called for. 
The rest is as charted with weeks, dmc, and kreinik.

I can see her as a little bag but I'm not that kind of stitcher and have no one around me to ask. 
Oh well one day maybe.

Halloween pass the stash

Only 3 of you wanted spirits and spell by with thy needle and thread.

I put your names in a wheel ( love this app right now)

And the winner is....... Kay congrats.

Now I've just looked and can't find the paper I had your address on so sorry but can you send me your address with country to thank you.

I will post it next week sometime. 

Next for my stitching I'm going to do 2 new Christmas starts and hope to get them finished as they are small. We will see how it goes. 

Until next week happy stitching everyone!!!!